Wednesday, December 29, 2010

At the time of writing this

1. I am feeling terribly sad :(

2. time is 10.04pm

3. the first thing that comes to my mind is when will I get my next follower :P

4. if I look ahead I can see the backside of the door to my room which has a notice pasted on it which  I know byheart by now.

5. if I extent my arm to the left, it’s the wall

6. the walls are painted in a light yellow

7. if I extent my arms to the right, I can touch my roommate, she brushes of my hand non-chalantly

8. on my bed,next to me lies my mobile and a novel ‘little women’.

9. grabs the book, blindly opens it, its page 364.the first line to see is “im cultivating eye and taste as fast as I can” (giggles)

10. if I listen carefully, I can hear the girl upstairs complaining to her friend about her boyfriend

11. the last time I smiled was an hour ago,in a shopping mall (co –incidently)

12. the last message on my phone says ‘a deaf child says, for all of u im deaf..but for me all of u r dumb..’ (mmmmm…)

13. if I look out thru the window,I see a bathroom.

14. the last time I watched tv, somebody called Sheila was trying to out do somebody called munni.

15. I ask my friend ,wat is in his mind at present and he replies, he sees a fan above his head, his nose is itchy and he feels cold.

16. if I think of trw, the only think I can think aftr that is the firing im goin to get trw from my manager
(ya,this time I really screwed up)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

if i were..

If I were a time I would be 7.00am( newly found passion, time for a morning stroll)

If I were a day I would be Friday( weekend following it, sigh of relief)

If I were a month I would be May (my bday is on may)

If I were a year I would be 2010( got a whole lot of new relations to cherish for a life time)

If I were a gadget I would be the oven(would heat things up a bit ;))

If I were a flower, I would be the lotus( devoted to the sun)

If I were a song , I would be ‘I’m tired of being what u want me to be’(linkin park-numb)

If I were a season, I would be the spring( no reasons needed here I guess!)

If I were a planet, I would be the Venus(the goddess of love and beauty,ooooo ;))

If I were an outfit, I would be the sari (there is nothing more graceful to drape over a gal)

If I were a feeling, I would be romantic (I am!)

If I were a food, I would be the chocolate (I can devour it till I fall dizzy)

If I were a place I would be Aleppey (backwaters, fields, freshwater fishes and its just green wherever you look)

If I were an expression, I would be the winking smiley (winking!)

If I were a jewellery I would be hanging around somebody’s neck (diamonds and nothing less)

If I were a car, I would be the Volkswagen Beetle ( a car cannot be more feminine)

If I were a material, I would be silk( smooth and silky,ofcourse!)

If I were a sound, hmmm..i never want to be a sound( they make my head ache :( )

If I were a taste,, I would be sweet and salty ;)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A morning walk..

I couldn’t believe my eyes today morning. No, I hadn’t turned into a boy, even though that’s what I pray before going to sleep :P (I envy the boys for the freedom they have. this subject totally deserves a exclusive write up of its own) Bangalore was covered by fog, more appropriately smog. The visibility was restricted to maybe ten feet. I was surprised because even yesterday at nine in the morning when I started to office, the sun glared up from there so angrily. I have seen such kind of beautiful view only in north of India and it was already the end of December, I had almost given up expecting Bangalore to turn cold .

My life had got so mundane lately. I had to do something different, nothing too big, but a daily morning walk. Morning walks not like my fathers. His case is weird, weird in the sense, whatever happens he would get up by 5.30am and go for a walk. I don’t think he ever misses a walk except when he is in a plane. (In train he does go for a walk!!) .

So as determined as can be, I dragged myself up from bed by around 7 o clock. Yes I know that ‘eye of shame’ and the ‘mean look’. If you didn’t know 7 is supposedly the 5 for the younger generation :) . I wore my track suits, tied my hair in a high pony tail, put on my ear phones and started. (I still hadn’t bought a new shoes, so had to wear my costly puma ones! sigh!)

Pappu bhaiyya as usual provided the motivation talk while I stood at the gate hesitating. The fog was kinda scary, I was not able to see anything on the road. But I wouldn’t regret the decision ever. The feeling of walking alone on a quiet lane with trees dotting on both sides is exhilarating. My hands froze and mist started forming on my hair. It was a wonderful feeling. And I decided then, whatever happens today, I am not going to get irritated or frustrated. Forgiveness will be thy virtue today. I recommend a morning walk to everyone. It can lift up your spirits so high. But there are some living beings among us who are determined to get into our nerves. They may try to break us, but we need to be strong. Its almost lunch time now, and I need to hold it together for a few more hours. Oh damn, I didn’t know putting up a smile on your face was so darn difficult!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Julian Assange

Today I happened to read a newspiece on the infamous Julian Assange. Those who didn’t yet hear of the man, he is the brain behind the wikileaks website. Wikileaks is a worldwide network of websites that contains secret documents about US government.

Suddenly I get to hear about wikileaks everywhere, friends starts to talk about it in office, a piece of news everyday in newspapers and such. At first I thought it must be a brother of wikipedia, what with the name similarity and all :P

But last day I did a little research and stumbled upon many news items and documents that gave detailed information about wikileaks. You believe it or not its straight from a Hollywood script, infact much more difficult to believe than the movies. (But it couldn’t beat the Inception idea, kudos to Christopher Nolan). Just like the story of every successful nerd , Julian Assange has had a turbulent childhood, with his mother in many relationships and no real schooling. At an early age he got into computers and hacking interested him the most. Many of the incidents surrounding his childhood indicates that he was a paranoid. It seems he used to wait in his room to hear the footsteps of police arriving at his home for a raid. His wife found it so intolerable that she moved out with their son. He was arrested later and charged with computer related crimes. Later in 2007 he joined hands with a similar minded hacker from germany to start wikileaks.

Their first major breakthrough came with the publication of a secret pentagon official video which they renamed ‘collateral damage’.The video showed an army crew in an apache helicopter opening fire simply on a crowd of people on the ground (related to Iraq war).Thus wikileaks obtained international notoriety. But they began losing credibility when allegations brew about exaggerated materials and videos. There were also sexual charges against Assange.

Currently he is behind bars due to these sexual charges .

I guess no one from India would come forward to expose the government here with something similar to wikileaks. If in case anyone does, most of his time would be spent to battle the home ministry . As someone said in our country we have more serious leaks to take care of, the tapes leak, exam paper leak, defence secrets, sting operations, bhopal gas etc and still etc..:)
By the way Assange didn’t had to face these things because he had put up his base in Sweden . He had built a den, underground for his facility. Two days ago there were photographs in newspapers of his den being compared to that of batmans in the movie.

And guess who his supporters are? Hackers all over the world.

Eventhough his activity and perception is flawed, it would take a whole lot of courage to venture into something as enormous as this. For more details, you can go through the following link.

Friday, December 10, 2010

a bad day..

Today started surprisingly pleasant for me. The reason being none other than finding hot water for bathing. There is one big geyser in our hostel bathroom,but even if we leave it switched on for one hour , the water just wouldn’t heat up more than a meagre lukewarm So thanking all the gods present above us, I got down for office with a beautiful smile on my face,(ya, sometimes I do that thinking of the funny situations in my life). As I neared the zebra crossing, to reach to the bustop on the opposite side, a group of people already had started crossing unmindful of the vehicles streaming by. I ran and joined the group and followed them. Obviously I was the last one to cross and a speeding car(wagonR to be precise :P) came just inches infront of me and stopped. The sudden break had caused that screeching sound of tyre on the road. All eyes fell and rested over me. But what about me? As soon as I realized that the car was about to hit me, my hands went above covering my ears, my eyes got tightly shut , mouth wide open , I stood their transfixed.

You see, I have read somewhere that during such moments where u see death so nearby, your past starts flashing before your eyes. But to tell the truth, nothing flashed infront of me. As the horn went on blowing I understood that I am still alive, I ran to the bustop without even turning behind to see the driver or anyone nearby. But my face revealed no embarrassment aftr reaching the bustop. Inside me, my heart had just finished a hundred metre race. But the rendezvous was not to end there. I reached office safely, but there also I had to cross a highway. I was standing on the road divider and as I stepped down on the road, my right leg twisted and turned and I just coudnt bear the pain. I have no clue whether its related , but from then on my right side of the neck is also paining. Now I walk and talk like a robot.

But restriction on my body movement didn’t stop me from enjoying the evening with my friend. We shopped!! :P Actually I shopped and my friend just watched me shopping. She said it’s a treat in itself. I am not proud I say..

Then went to KFC, had zinger burger, pepsi and popcorn chicken. I guess they got a new marketing head, otherwise why did they take so long to come up with this idea of chicken like popcorns!There they gave us a piece of paper to write down our feedback. We wrote wholeheartedly(really!)

‘The zinger burger is awesome but can you not hurt the poor chickens while making it…’

Thursday, November 25, 2010

This happened almost a year back when my friend was newly married. Since they stayed nearby, I used to visit her often.

After a few of such visits I noticed that their house was notably silent always and her husband was conspicuously absent all the time. I once brought up the courage to ask her whether everything was fine in her married life. The ‘just married’ tag was still hanging , I mean the mehendi in her hands had not faded.

She told me everything was fine in a way which I felt was to provoke me to cajole her into revealing something. But I let it go. As days passed and it became almost 6 months after her marriage, she decided to open up to me. Hers was an arranged marriage , which was ‘arranged’ and done within 2 months of her meeting her present husband. They never got time to know each other, their parents were sure that since their horoscope matched, both of them will be very happy with each other. But things were different. She said to me, she was not able to mentally share her space with a stranger who has suddenly become her better-half. She said she wasn’t feeling secure with him (they had relocated to Trivandrum away from her parents and relatives due to his job). I asked what security she meant, was it financially?

She explained she never had felt insecure when she was with her father, and she believed that nothing can hurt her if her father was around, but with her husband, she always felt that she should be vigil, like while she was in their car with him on the wheels,, she was scared..

This conversation always lingered on my mind because even I believed that nothing can hurt me when I am with my father.

I am so proud of my father, and I feel extremely happy when somebody says, I am a Xerox of my father. There may be many shortcomings to him, but from where I see, he is perfect.

My grandma used to say, my father always wanted a son, but he got two daughters. And he did bring us up like his sons with all of that freedom and the spirit.I remember one day he telling to my mom’s sister, holding our hands, that we were his only assets.

Anything I wish, he is always ready to fulfill it. If the wish isn’t reasonable, 2 days of brooding and not talking to him would get him to do it for me. Eventhough I make sure that consciously I don’t do anything to disappoint him, somethings just happen.But I make sure that I apologise and make up for it.

As the eldest child of the house, he has always given me that importance, whether its my opinion on which car to buy next or which color shirt suits him the most. And I am definetly honored by that.

My daddy the bestest and the strongest..
click on the pic to enlarge..
pictorial representation to support my previous post. copied from a friends Facebook, he he ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Venus and mars

If men and women are meant to be together, why would god create them so totally different.
Ya I know opposites do attract but that works only for magnets, for gods sake!!

The one on whom we feel attracted, doesn’t even bother to say a hi and the one who seems to be attracted to us is good for nothing :)

The other day I was having lunch with my colleagues, we were two girls and three boys. A lady with oodles and oodles of attitude walked past us to occupy the next table, poker straight hair, kajal like somebody has hit and blackened her eye , heels that were thinner than needle. Me and the othr girl looked at each other for jus 2 secs, and thoughts were exchanged. If those thoughts were to be written down , it would make for three pages atleast. In short we said, ‘such a show off’. But you can guess how the boys reacted to this, what followed was a murmuring among themselves which lasted for ten minutes . God knows what dirty things transpired between them. Anyway one thing was evident they ‘liked’ her!!

Some men are simply not able to understand the meaning of the word friends. If we say we can only be friends , that seems to put them into a stalking-mode. they should be happy that we didn’t make them brothers.

We are always ready to be friends-with super stylish boys with gelled hair and fast bikes, but if we decide to be serious we want to settle down with a home-attached guy with not-so-bad hair and not-so-fast bikes :P. but The guys don’t seem to get it I guess..

Another irritating aspect in men irrespective of their age is that all of them hate shopping (the exception maybe the gay lot in them). As a proclaimed shopaholic myself, I wouldn’t risk the chance of shopping by going out with my father also. They enter the shop, go through may be two or three things, decide to buy the fourth one which was lying nearby and leave the shop. They still prefer to stay away from the art of bargaining. (They maybe macho guys but are actually scared to bargain: P)

I have never understood their obsession with games. Most of them go on and on about their video games. Then to add to their plates, now there is the IPL, soccer worldcup etc But I noticed that they were not at all interested on the common wealth games or how much medals India got ,.but they knew that cricket has been decided to be included for the next common wealth games onwards.

We always tell them to say the truth, but common guys there are certain ugly ones which you can avoid, .for example how healthy we look (ahem,,ahem..), or maybe for one day our dress is not good, etc

Lastly , guys are always happy creatures, even if by any chance they are sad, (just hypothetical), nobody ever knows, they don’t cry! So what ,..they will die of heartattack anyway..

Thursday, October 28, 2010

my facebook , my best friend ;)

So here through my own blog i'm sending out an invitation for the memorial service of my own funeral. I wil die on august 18, 2067. Yes the date has been cleared at the gates of the heaven (I sincerely hope so ) for my esteemed arrival. I didn’t go to any astrologer nor did any popat spell out my future, this is the hardwork of the mighty and the lofty ‘FACEBOOK’.

Not only this , facebook can tell you whom u wil marry and how u will marry (it says I would elope! Oh sweet lord, would anyone ever be ready to run away with me??) Now they have introduced a new application called Get Revealed. There if u answer absolutely stupid questions about ur friends, u can earn coins and unlock the answers of the questions that ur friends have answered about u. It may seem fun but the questions we have to answer are soo foolish, like would u like to be so and so’s girlfriend?. Would so and so be actually a girl in boys body? Does so and so use a tub or a shower for bathing? Etc and etc.

The next best thing about being in facebook is that you are now ‘friends’ with everybody. Old long lost school friends, colleagues, college friends, friends of friends, people whom you have met in a bus once, your ex, ex’s ex, and list crosses about 500 for most of them. Once my friends status message went thus “ facebook is not allowing to add more friends, I have reached my limit it seems.WTF” Then I know a couple who talks to each other only through facebook. You may think that I am exaggerating, but this is a real case, and to someones query, they have given their explanation that they both are busy in their work. But alas, they get time to open FB, and pour out their love for each other in public. See I warn you, this is where the world is headed.

One boring day in office, I open FB and sees the following message ‘soorya, do you want to become a millionaire?’. Which bloody fool wouldn’t?? but sadly I find out that it’s a game where you have to build a city called millionaire city.

During my beginner days on FB, I got startled one day when I learnt that my friend wants to plough my field. And another friend on her way has sown some seeds and fed my horses too. How nice of her I thought. Oh, wait, do I own a farm? And it would hurt my friend if I didn’t take her help in my button collection. Button? Buttoooonnn?? As in shirt’s button?

I love FB for one thing , you can visit anybodys profile and it wouldnt show up in their ‘recent visitors’. You can ‘like’ anything but u r not allowed to dislike. I decided to shift from orkut to FB because one sad day my dad decided to join orkut. Once family enters FB, I guess I would be creating an alias profile for myself. :P
Already i got into a fight, literally,  with my sister for not replying to my comments on a particular photo (we talk almost everyday on phone).Oh, its time to check FB, somebody would have commented on my status update, if not i wil 'like' my own comment. ;)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

My friend's cake.. :)

Today was a nice day in particular. My hostel mate bought a nice homemade cake for us. She was planning to visit vaishnodevi temple in Jammu, strict vegan. And we got lucky! So how come she give me her cake and she is still not in my facebook friends list? It may sound a liitle appalling but the truth is ,for this generation, it’s a bit offensive if we don’t find a place in the friends list of our ‘friends’ or our friends’s friends or even ‘friends’ whom we we havent even met yet! Thus I decided to add her and searched for her in FB, but it seems she has done ‘something’ that her name wont get listed in the search results. That’s a new news! So she bought in her lappy to add me from her account. And what a beauty it was , an HP notebook, light blue, weightless and so handy. It was really so cute. So the facebook ritual got over. Then we stumbled upon her 6 months old neices’s photo. The baby was even cuter. She had such a curly hair, if it was a bit more long it would be really difficult to find out incase a fly got in.

Then she showed us her paintings. she was an expert in the art specifically called as the Tanjore painting. It was mostly made on devotional icons with gold foils and jewellary and lot of other stuff. Whatever be the stuff, she is just so talented. She says one of her paintings got sold for 5000 rs. She has done exhibitions too. She didn’t look like one who has done an exhibition. If it was me, I would be walking around bragging about my skills. Believe me, I can be a bitchy self-indulger.;)

More on Facebook trivias later.. ;)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today in newspaper I read a coloumn written by a girl about her encounters with prospective grooms. Just then I thought, oh gosh! I forgot to post my tryst on my blog. So here goes.. Me have been pretty lucky in this case since so far I have been ‘fortunate’ enough to meet only three guys in person. Most of the proposals came from guys working in Bangalore itself. so I thought it would be equally comfortable for both sides to ease the burden if only the guy and the girl meets at first. But my father was really apprehensive about that. He said, ‘u never know such guys, what if they misuse the opportunity, they would have your mobile no: and they can harass you on phone..” .If u r doubtful of such guys why in the first place do u even consider them. But you see , absolutely no good is to come by arguing with my father. So atlast the day came when I was going to meet the first guy, no surprise it was in our own small living room. I put up a grand smile on my face, a salwar kameez to impress the prospective mother in law and all the while cursing the old system in my mind. They reached on the exact time they had told. My mother gave me the large tray of tea cups in the kitchen and asked me to follow her to the living room. But alas!, I couldn’t hold the tray for a full one minute. Hey, it was really heavy, and I’m a frail little figure ;)
So my mom carried it for me and I followed,they literally placed me in the middle of the room. I couldn’t help laughing because the guy wouldn’t lift his eyes from the tea cup. His mother gave me a thorough scan. The guys elder brother’s family were also there to inspect me along with their small kid. Since I was sittling there like an idol, as a courtesy I tried to play with the kid. I took its hand, and no sooner it started wailing . oh my god would someone stuff a ladoo in its mouth. Kids are adorable, but for gods sake someone should reduce their decibel while they are crying. Then the question answer session came which was not at all tiring because only two questions were directed at me from the guys mother. “will you be able to relocate to kerala”? for which I answered “not any time soon”.. and the second question was “which time do you return everyday after work” I promptly replied “sometimes around 7 or 8”(I was trying to be honest there). But I forgot to mention the worst part, as soon as I entered the living room, the guy’s father after a few minutes got up and exited and started to admire the lawn instead. I really don’t know the reason till now, because we have never heard from that family after that. Can it be my prompt answers to the old lady’s questions?

The story of the next guy wil follow…

Sunday, October 3, 2010

home sweet home

So atlast the common wealth games has arrived. The ayodhya verdict is out and I have come home after almost a month. :)
I had planned to come home last week itself, but the verdict was supposed to be out then and the atmosphere was tight with tension. When atlast the verdict came, india had proved that she had moved on since 1992. But something which I havent got still is , what is this nirmohi akhara?.., doesn’t it sound like a weight lifting team for the CWG ? :)
One of my best friends Rochelle, made plans to visit Bangalore and stay with me for one or two days. Since I had to go visit my parens that weekend (who is by the by in Trivandrum) she booked the flight from delhi to Bangalore on Friday and Saturday we both decided to start to kerala together. Unfortunately she missed the flight by a few minutes. Thanks to the Games. Her emotions were best described by her facebook update the next day “screw the games, screw the officials, screw the airlines”. So I started alone, on a cloudy Saturday evening reaching the busstand one hour earlier and the bus being late for another hour.
I have got this travel-sickness, whenever I get into a closed A/C vehicle, I tend to get a nausea feeling and sometimes I do puke :(. Because of that ,I always have this avomin tablet with me, anti-vomiting tablet. Yesterday I purposefully avoided taking the tablet and the whole journey was a hell of a headache. I promised myself never to do such experiments with myself ever again. I always wonder myself, how blissful my life would have been without my sworn enemy, his majesty all-time-hanging-around ready-to-pounce ‘headache’. Its there when i get on a volvo to get to work, it appears when i shampoo my hair, it creeps in when i tie my hair, its there if i stare into monitor. In short its always there, omnipresent.
The last one headache which was hanging at the tip of my hair slipped off as soon as I entered my home. Home is always sweet home. The scene is typical, it’s the same whenever I reach home. My sister wil be going through my luggage to find if I had bought presents for her. My mother will be going non stop with the complaints about my dad, how he didn’t allow her to see the daily soap opera, how he put horlicks into her morning tea to give her more strength(yuck!!) ( which she says is used up just to bear him alone) etc etc. And dad with his usual dialogues
‘u look like a malnourished child, you have to take care of your health young lady’, etc etc
The three days which I got at home is all packed with plans. Shopping with sister, visiting relatives, trying out cooking(atleast this time :P ), copying films to my laptop etc etc.
The most amazing part of visiting home is none of the above, it all about the ‘fish’. Yes I loveeeee fish, especially fried ones. Mom somehow, even if its monsoon, gets it for me from somewhere or the other. Now isn’t that the sweetest thing about moms?. They are always there, just there for you!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Everytime I fight with u
I love u more for forgiving me
Each time I shout at u
I promise myself never to hurt u again
But baby, its becos every moment
I want more and more of you
You can rough me up for that
But I cant help myself sweetheart
I love you
And I cant be blamed for that
U r sweet enuf that
Even honey can fall in love with you.
But listen, look here u idiot
The next time u shoot that innocent
Eyes at me, mind you
I m gonna kiss you wildly.
And my dear,
If I fight again, jus come closer
give me a tight hug
and all will be well
love will be divine once again..

Friday, August 27, 2010

Some pics from our trip to Aleppey- taken in my mobile :)

click on the pics to enlarge them..
rubber plantations at our ancestral home

in the wild

fields flooded with rain water

uncle's home

Anthoorium blooms(side view)

Anthoorium bloom(frontal view)

Model of the king Mahabali in front of a shop

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How a rich country became poor and may become poorer

The country has turned 63, pretty young age for a nation. Still a kid? I think so.. because its so immature in many ways.
To boast around, we have a superbly talented Prime minister to compensate for all the fifth grade pass outs in parliament. But to tell the truth, he is too cool, too cool in not a good way. He lacks a certain kind of high-spirit required to run a country. I feel we need someone like Sarkozy, the French president with his flamboyant ways but minus his carelessness and waywardness :-).
Somebody who can be strict, like a school head master capable of running around with a stick to make the pupil obedient.
Otherwise this country will spiral downward from a ‘developing nation’ to a ‘in-the-path-of self-destruction nation’.
There should be someone at the helm who is less scared to take bolder decisions. Enough power to get things done faster.
Where else will we find a mass murder investigation going on for more that ten years ,(the Gujarat riots). A scam of cricket tournament worth millions made headlines for a couple of days , now Modi is planning to conduct similar experiments in other countries. A country where a cabinet minister has been trialed and convicted for murder(shibu soren). If we look at the normal way of things, a country of our size must have already hosted the Olympics and the CWG many times. But a single Common Wealth Games is going to put us all to shame ( we can either pray like manishanker aiyer for the rains to spoil it before we do it ourselves or lets call it off before its too late). Which other country’s citizens will tolerate a corruption on toilet paper. Common, was there nothing left to squeeze money out that they had to do it on toilet papers.OMG!!
Hosting a Games of so big a magnitude without even a clear cut plan , I can only see it as a desperate attempt of a wannabe country. Whom are we fooling , ourselves.?
Both china and India started their growth around the same time, at present, its not even decent to compare them.
The only thing that’s meritious, is our so called democracy and the freedom of the individual.
There are about a billion individuals in this great nation of ours,
If each of us make an effort, will it go unheeded? More than half of the population is below forty, which is an advantage no other country enjoys. Lets take advantage of that and make a great nation out of india, together!!

jai hind

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Its our independence day again. Our country got its freedom long back but still the cobwebs of colonization exists eventhough the spider has left long ago. We still follow many a thing in a westernized form,sometimes its good but all the time and everywhere? The problem is they had left causing a slight fracture to our country’s very backbone, the unity factor, which is getting worser year after year.

But I have a different thought about freedom as an individual

Freedom to love all
Freedom to smile always
Freedom to show pain
Freedom to vent anger

Freedom to trust yourself
Freedom to take a chance
Freedom to stop at any path
Freedom to hug a stranger

Freedom to talk your mind
Freedom to play on the sands
Freedom to sing with the breeze
Freedom to dance with the flower

Freedom to think
Freedom to pause,
Freedom to say NO
Freedom to be me.
Freedom for my soul.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Rain, Ah.. it has turned beautiful again

Across the window-pane
It pours and pours;
And swift and wide,
Like a river down the gutter roars
The rain, the welcome rain!

These are the lines from the poem ‘how beautiful is the rain’ from Wordsworth. He sure was a fellow who enjoyed the rain. There are many among us who hates a rainy day. Its understandable as it causes many a hardship while travelling , it spoils the plans for an outing, among many other things. And the most horrible things of all is ,it exposes the poorest sewage system in the whole world, where I stay, when it rains, I feel I live in a gutter.
But there are many many beautiful things associated with the rains. The gentle cold breeze sweeping the dupatta along..having a pani-puri after the heavy shower, droplets hanging at the tip of ur hair..above all spending a rainy evening holding your beloveds hands.
Different people will have different outlook towards a rainy day.
An old married couple would prefer to spend their rainy evening eating hot pakodas with a really steaming cup of tea. They would talk about their children, grand children, grandpa would reminiscent of how tasty grandmas pakodas used to be. Grandmas shy wink …. So adorable isn it?
What would a young married couple do? The same thing in a little more lively manner. Wife cooking samosas, husband walking all around her talking such silly matters but all the while thinking of which is the best angle to hug her..:)
A college going guy? Endless messages to his newly found ‘love’. Thinking of her in the rain (in a red sari would be perfect), of the countless rains yet to spend with her. That cannot-be-suppressed longing for her kiss. A similar guy who hasn’t yet found his so called ‘love’ ? He too will be sending messages. But that will be to his peers, in the ‘awaiting conformation’ group.

And thus the rain comes and goes. Whether it splashes the muddy waters or whether it sprouts up the romantic side in you, its always a cause for celebration.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The 7th day !!

Atlast the seventh day has approached. When i started this 7 day 'course' i was very sceptical, whether i would hav the zest to complete . But here i go, posting the 7th day of positivity. This episode should actually continue, everyday we should take ten minutes from the mundane life to think of the positive things that happened on that day. It will do only good for the mind as well as the body. So here goes my entry for the seventh day which is actually a combination of th last two days

1. It was friendship day , most of my friends called and wished early morning itself.It was more joyful when friends who were abroad took the pain to call . And those of them who forgot, i wished them first :)

2. The whole day passed with the excitement of meeting my sister.

3. Got up early to go visit my sister. It was so exciting, with all her friends jumping over the chocolates i got for them, complimenting me for looking younger than my sister (blushing) etc etc (still blushing :P ). i even saw one girl snatching a piece of the chocolate from a boy and running away..she was only one-fourth of that 'healthy' guy!!

4. I got back the memory card of my new mobile, which was corrupted within a month of purchase. Now i can take photoes again...:-o)

5. My sis got me a beautiful top from her saved up money. i was overwhelmed, i felt more happy when i gave it to her and told her to take it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

7 days of positivity (Day 6)

I am not at all proud of myself today. The day was a total disaster. Still i can list out some points that can lead to positive thoughts

1. Got up at ten o clock in the morning, that sleep during those extra hours is simply great,anyone would agree, but my mother should not know this. :P

2. washed my clothes, cleaned my room, tidied up the cupboard.. This tidying process somehow takes me to a different world altogether, i forget all worries and everything and gets completely involved in it.

3. Since my sister is visiting me tomorrow, i went out to buy chocolates for her and her friends.. the word chocolate itself brings positive vibes around me ..ooooooooooooo.... :D

4. Continued with my book, three to four hours of continued reading, oblivious of the world around me. he he..(too much na)

5. I have a friend, she is a wayside vendor who sells tender coconut, maybe a few years elder to me, had a happy chat with her, she trying to converse with me in malayalam and me trying to decipher it, all the people walking past us stared at us like anything, but who cares, really... ;P

Friday, July 30, 2010

7 days of positivity (Day 5)

1. Started on a new book morning itself "The immortals of meluha".
Reading a book is simply satisfying and definetly positive :)
2. Its Friday and following is the weekend. Fridays' are always beautiful. Friday is my favourite day of the week, it is expected to be positive :P
3. Me and Sagarika went for shopping. Shopping is like a healing process :D
I bought a stylish belt, purple colour. I am so happy about that :P
4. We also ate 'pani puri' after shopping, it was mouth watering. Such kind of small things always brings a smile to everyones face.
5. Tried on my new belt with all my jeans, had a catwalk(my normal walk is like a duck's walk, think how i would do a 'cat' walk ) session in the room with my friends applauding, it was overall a great day, fridays are meant to be like that :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

7 days of positivity (Day 4)

1. My colleague sagarika returned from hyderabad. She bought snacks, and i devoured on it like i was starving for days :)
2. Once again so happy to see a close friend after a week of 'judai..' :P
We share a good rapport on everything..
3. There was only one umbrella , and we both got completely drenched while returning back from office. As we were stepping out of the office gate, we saw our only direct bus passing by, i had to shout and run and i jumped over a wide-open ditch to stop the bus.Once inside he bus, we burst out giggling, the song that was playing inside the bus was ..'tip tip barsaa pani...panime...'
4. i bought chocolate jam to enjoy the rain completely :P , i finished half the bottle just yesterday alone
5. Saw a comedy film at night...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7 days of positivity (Day 3)

Mine is a whining nature by birth :P . I crib and i complain usually for almost everything. Even though by gods grace we have all the necessary things in life, I still whine for even a small setback. Since yesterday was a really depressing day, I thought I wont be able to list out even 2 points of positivity. But surprisingly as I started listing out , it came out one by one. Eventhough it was eleven at night,, I felt so satisfied and happy after finishing my blog. I hope this experiment on positivity really does something good to me.

I have a few points for today also

1. There was absolutely no work in office today .Went through many new blogs, and ofcourse the constant companion , facebook :). Its definetly a positive thing for me .

2. Had a long chat with my mother. I love her sooooo much. mmmuuaaah .

3. Tried the new Epic browser. It was really cool. It cannot get more indian-ish :Phad a great time experimenting on it.

4. Walked in the rain with a close friend. It was totally exhilarating.

5. Saw an old episode of 'Friends'. The title explains itself :))

This picture is sensuous !

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7 days of positivity (day 2)

Today was not such a happy day, infact it was a depressing one. To add to that it rained suddenly in the evening spoiling our shopping plans :)
But i can still comb through todays happenings and find out a few things which atleast hinted towards happiness.
1. The morning tea i made was superb, which is really a good way to kick start office ..
the tea break is a way of culture :D
2. My wall photo of two buffalloes in facebook got 18 comments ( more than half of that is mine ;P )
3. One of my colleagues who was behaving a bit indifferently for the past few days became normal today . he he, good for him,, :)
4. I met one of my closest friend Sankho after a long time today. ( and we gossiped about our another friend Venkatesan :P )
5. My roommate bought pepper chicken for dinner . ( isnt she adorable :P )

Monday, July 26, 2010

5 positive things that happened to me today...:) (day 1)

I read it in and about

a week of positivity, but since i couldnt follow it then i post mine for today alone here..
1. Felt great to see my roommate after 4 long days
2. Got to gossip about our next door mate to her, which felt even greater, ! really !!
3. Pappu Bhaiyya made a wonderful breakfast of dosa and chutney which tasted like heaven
4. Had a small fight with a very close friend, which is obviously not the ‘best’ part, but what follows it…:)…all the sorry’s and cuddling .. :D
5. Got to study something new at office, which wont feel great at the beginning , but is so satisfying at the end.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ten ‘not so usual’ things that I don’t like

1. sometimes I like doing ‘something’ in the kitchen, like preparing a dish :) , but I hate washing the vessels after that :)
2. I hate when somebody while reading something in the computer screen, keeps on clicking on the screen with their mouse :P
3. I really feel angry when I see more than two missed calls in my mobile, from the same person (mostly within a gap of 5 minutes :))
4. I feel pissed off when somebody doesn’t reply to my text message
5. I really don’t like it when my hair starts to curl up at the end of the day inspite of me trying all means to keep it from curling.
6. I feel so frustrated when pappu bhaiyya (the acclaimed cook of my hostel) includes potato in all dishes including maggi, day after day.
7. I feel like hanging myself when I ask my sister to keep her room clean and she replies ‘go mind your business’ :(
8. Sometimes I plan to go out at ten in the morning,but I loiter around a bit and when at four in the evening, I step out ..bang! It rains in bangalore like its chirapunji.
9. Carrying the plate of lunch and walking the entire canteen space looking for a vacant chair is more of an embarassment.
10. Some shameless sleazebags gloat over anyone and everything particularly for no reason at all.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Satan was once in love..

Exiled by the fairy angels and thy gods
The satan is forced to live in hell
He has to wear black while the angels flutter in white.
Black is one color which he despise,and nobody knows it
Because no one knows the real truth
He is a good one at heart but the gods were jealous of him
They were provoked by the strength of his love
Yes, the satan was once in love..
Eden was his abode, as beautiful as heaven
But he had to leave it on the request of god
To accommodate gods new creation,the man
But satan was permitted to visit
His home,which he had built so fondly.

On one of his visits he spots Eve,
The beautiful eve,with long flowing hair
And eyes,that could mesmerize anyone.
Her cheeks were like a ripe plum,
And she walked in the garden like a free flowing rivulet
He was awestruck by her beauty, rooted to the ground he stood.
It was love at first sight, he had never seen anything
So complete in itself, so full of life..
But, alas that was not how it was meant to be.
The gods were provoked, but they cannot punish the satan,
Satan is just the other side of god, equally powerful
So all the heavenly beings, conspire ..
And thus the serpent was sent ,
To lure Eve to eat the forbidden fruit..

‘Oh my beloved,darling’ the Satan cried his heart out
But eve was the darling of fate..
Even the angels couldn’t hide their despair..
Their tears poured out as rain..
Satan never wanted to visit his home again.
He shut himself up in the hell..
He wore black to mourn for his love..
And never came a smile from his lips..

Sunday, June 20, 2010

This time the shopaholic really faced the heat :) My friend had come down to Bangalore from Mumbai for her job training. She is one of my dearest and closest of friends and also the unfortunate one because she has to keep all my secrets. Her name is monica and she is newly married. She just got returned from her honeymoon in Maldives..
So since as a best friend I couldn’t attend her marriage, which was in Mumbai, I thought of showering her with presents today. We both decided to meet up in a nearby mall. I took her inside and asked her to buy anything of her choice and told her that, it will be on me. She took some dresses. I was not behind myself..I also took some dresses. We spend almost 3 to 4 hours trying on and selecting our clothing.Atlast,the time came to bill everything.
I extended my credit card to the person behind the counter.
Never has a beep sound made me so embarrassed.. ‘CARD DECLINED’ ,it read in bold letters. I asked them to try it again.Again the damn machine gave the same message.My friend enquired, under what circumstances would it behave this way.The salesman gave his prompt reply , ‘only under insufficient funds’. The color drained from my face. Yesterday I saw that there was 13000 rs on my account and how come this? Somebody got my account number and password . And they have stolen all my money.(OMG)
And you wouldn’t believe there was no ATM machine on that big building nor anywhere nearby.(Bangalore is a metropolitan city. duh! ) Atlast my friend had to pay for her dresses as well as my dresses. But hey I am going to return it ok..
While my way back home,I got into an ATM and checked my balance.It said, 1300 rs only. Am i blind or plain stupid !!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don’t panic.Just swallow the urge.yes..thats all..just move on..
But that levi strauss top was so trendy .And there doesn’t seem to be more than a piece of it also..I think I am turning into a shopaholic.(mouth-open expression).I want a piece of everything in the shop,but that applies only to clothes.Pink is my weakness.
Tops,sweaters,jeans,pull overs and everything..And to tempt me into turning into a ‘full time shopaholic’ malls are sprouting up everywhere in banglore,just like mushrooms in kerala after a rain.
Have anyone seen the film ‘confessions of a shopaholic’, it’s a must watch for girls like me.The book series is also hilarious.
So me and my friend decided one fine day (after spending a fortune in shopping that day) that we both wouldn’t even turn to look at a mall,let alone shop. But you guessed it right, it didn’t even extent for a week.By the time she went to visit her parents in Hyderabad,I had already visited two malls.
But cant blame me also,I’m just a little red riding hood and the shop keepers are like the wolves dressed in the form of a grandma,luring me with offers all the time.During winters,it’s the winter sale,during summers,you have the summer sale,mothers day specials, valentines day special.,end of season sale,Gandhi jayanthi special and so on..
If a piece of cloth costs 400 Rs,during an offer period it costs 800 with a 50 % discount. Oh My God, a flat 50% discount sale,how can I miss it.And fools like me get attracted to the models placed in front of the shop also.They are in perfect shape ,so obviously any dress would look superb in them, can that be the case with me , with misplaced bulges here and there.?:)
The ill-fated day is not far,when I will turn bankrupt because of this shopping spree.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

My heart aches with pain..

My heart aches with pain
Now,when i think of the memories you gave
Alas,those were all such sweet ones
Never did i suspect,i would cry over it

Didnt you promise to be by my side forever
I still try to hold your hand doubting nothing
That love seems missing from your eyes
They do not search for me anymore

Eventhough we walk side by side, our hands
They no longer touch accidently,so near yet miles apart
Of untold troubles and such tragedies
Would befall my life so soon...?

I could not care less, those days, what others would think
When they saw our sparkling spirit
Stares were returned in an equally cold manner
But now i doubt, you feel ashamed to be besides me?

My heart aches with pain, when i think of the future
A world where even memories would fade out..
Where the past would seem, like the tattered pages of a book ,long forgotten
Aviolin whose strings are broken, that can no longer play the classics
A strange choice of favourites,for the devil...

Thursday, April 29, 2010

guru devo bhava!

If u ask me, as a student the greatest blessing I had was in the form of my teachers.There is this one particular teacher that I admire the most. She was our English teacher,,she was an inspiration to all of us.She had this aura around her,that commanded the respect of the students without asking. She had a different method of teaching, the classes were very interactive and im sure none of her students would ever feel anything called a stage-fright.
She was not only our favourite teacher but our style icon too.She had this short stylish hairstyle and superbly stylish accessories and an even more stylish attitude (that was only a very positive one).
Whatever school u go to and however hard you study ,it’s the teachers that mould your character which I believe is the major part of education. Mugging up whats in the syllabus will not help at all, you have to have the spirit to learn. We should learn to learn and for that you need to have the right guidance from the right people., especially in a household where both parents are working .
In contrast to our English teacher we had a maths teacher. He ,yes he is a HE, abhorred me like anything. Utter detest would be the exact word he felt for me. Now guys, haven’t u wondered why im such a dumb ass when it comes to even simple calculations..
He wouldn’t allow me to even ask any doubts, needless to say I was a nuisance, I admit it here!!
He once asked me to bring my mom to school the next day. I obeyed,. what else can a helpless lamb do?:) My mom came and he gave his predicament. “Its difficult to teach your daughter, she asks too many doubts, I cant concentrate on teaching” (it’s a true incident)
You had to see the perplexed face of my mother. Is my daughter a hindrance for the working of a school! &*#? !
Last Word:: atlast maths became French for me and English became my favourite subject.
I guess French is more familiar to me!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It is a long winding road. Like the ones u see in English countrysides.If u look from top a little far off, it would look like a painting ,all parrot green with a brown strip going right thru its centre in almost a zigzag manner. There are large trees on either side of the road.
They didn’t bear any fruits or flowers, I cannot see any on them...Now u would expect sheeps grazing among the lush meadows, na there were none of them there. In fact the only animal on the vicinity was me if u could call me that.
I was just walking ,just walking forward and what carried me was my thoughts. What if I was the last living being on the earth(now don’t come up with the argument that plants are also living things, that’s pretty old-school) .i looked back and forth, It really seemed so because nobody was to be seen for miles. I suddenly felt free, wanted to be free of all the strings attached (that’s the modest way to say that I want to run away from responsibilities).Why cant humans be like animals, why we alone were given the power of thought!. The ability to think is the only major difference I can say that we humans have from animals.
As if I had questioned the mighty god above all, there came a thunderbolt, I expected to hear a divine intervention .But instead came tears as if he is fed up with me. It started raining heavily.
I took my umbrella from my bag. Yes I had a bag with me and in that I had an umbrella too.:) See I am a pukka malayali.(a fact:malayali ladies never go out without an umbrella even if they forget to take their wallet).I turn to close my bag and I feel a movement near me on the other side. I got the shock of my life. I was already sharing my umbrella with two other people! Where in the hell did they come from. From the very first look I could realize that they were very much lovers, yes they must have been in the shade of some tree…ok lets not go further deep thereJ
Doesn’t the girl resemble my roommate…?
Soorya,soorya,.i hear my name being shouted ,I woke up. good lord it was a dream!
My roommate is shouting at her boyfriend, whose name unfortunately is the same as mine. pity me!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tweets are costly!

In my last blog entry I had written about how the internet and networking sites have penetrated our daily lives.No sooner had I posted that,there comes the rather expected news of the disgraceful downfall of two ‘great’ men.All because they both tweeted in the wee hours of the night waking up everybody else in the process.As far as the history shows,Twitter has caused many a flutter among the social class.Remember the row between the producers of three idiots and chetan bhagath?Chethan showed his weaker side by blocking certain people in his twitter who supposedly was ‘against’ him.
Lets come to the present saga between lalit modi and shashi tharoor.From the beginning Mr.Tharoor had explicitly displayed his incompetency in ‘Indian politics’.(Remember he was the runner up for the UN General Secretary post).There is a saying in malayalam which vaguely translates as ,,Many a war was caused either due to booty or beauties.
The cause here was both.Modi wanted his booty and Tharoor preferred his beauty,Sunanda Pushkar.
Mr.Tharoor was elected from my hometown,thiruvananthapuram.We all cheered for him .All the youngsters supported and voted for him expecting much from him in return,There were also some, who voted for him jus for his looks( he seemed like an oasis in the vast desert of old men waiting with their one leg already in grave)I don’t know which among the top two categories my sis belongs to since she celebrated the victory of tharoor for an entire day when the next day was her semester exam(that too without mourning for our dear MJ’s sad demise).Lately someone in MTV said the most hilarious thing about tharoor,that Rakhi Sawanth was feeling very insecure about her first place as controvery queen which has been actively chased by Mr.Tharoor.
When He had his first controversy about the ‘cattle class’,there were many supporting him in twitter,but slowly only we realised that he has his ‘foot stuck in his mouth’.perenially!
To talk about Modi,I can only think of one thing,Its has become an unaccepted truth in India that anyone who shoots to fame out of the blue and has so much money riding on him will definetly be on muddy waters.In this case it just took a little longer for Modi to lose the grip in the mud.
Last Word:: If you have decided to break the rules,then better learn to face the heat.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Its unbelievable how internet has penetrated our lives isn’t it?.Orkut and Facebook has become a way of life now and the baap of all, the mighty “Google”; where u can find the answers to all your questions, amazingly!!!!!!.
Next time someone yells at you to ‘get lost’, just google it and u can definitely get lost……believe me!!!!
An incident took place at our house last week. Before I state that, let me give you a brief preview on whatz happening at our house for the past few months….. The only subject, that’s been talked about between my mom and dad is about my marriage( being single after employed isint a disgrace to anyone….wake up…) . Now nobody will find groom hunting strange, but what makes it strange in my case is that my parents eat, drink and sleep on matrimonial sites….(whew!!). My kid sis is now behaving like my naani advising me on my future prospectus husbands….as if she has the whole worlds experience there……… BUT, alert mates….the greatest gyaan comes from my cousin brother who can predict the behaviour of the boy by just looking at his photo, mind it, that too a passport size….(naah, no appointments with him is issued now, so don’t think of playing your card there…...)and to add more to all this mess, just recently I saw an ad on TV (which is yet to be discovered by my parents)about a new matrimonial site where you relatives from both sides can come online and chat with each other. How weird is that!!!!!..(guaranteed your network provider is good enough).oh yes, my cousin brother stands as a exception, he dosent require even those exchanged glories to recognize one…J

Sorry….. got carried away, was about to mention the incident na?
Yeah… the most recent proposal,a decent looking guy with a good job, which I rejected as usual…. Dad, as obvious as it is, claimed for an explanation for my rejection…
“see dad..,I read his orkut profile( thank his majesty, the social networking sites) and to be modest it wasn’t impressive.”
He looked stunned and after a few moments of silence he retorted
“ I agreed to marry your mother after seeing her once, that too at a time when there was a powercut in the house”.
I smiled and asked him back.”so you think you are fortunate or unfortunate”?
Then comes the reply “mole life requires a lot of adjustments”
To which my mom’s(who just entered the scene) blank expression replied….

PS: dedicated to all fellow mortals who is constantly abused, tortured and blackmailed by the supreme divine institution called MARRIAGE

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Standing next to you

i feel i have the world on my own

I wish and i hope everyday

that i wake up to your warm breath in my neck

i love the way you look at me, the

way your eyes tell me that "I love you"

with that one touch of yours, a

thousand butterflies fiy in my stomach

I know you would frown when you hear this

but i secretly wish to wrap u around my fingers :)      all the time :)

So by now i think you know that

I have fallen for you, But.....

As you lie in my lap and i run my hand

through your hair..

with an ocean of tears in my eyes, drop by drop

rolling down my cheeks

I realise, i cant have you on my own forever......

But the love you gave, will be cherished

for a life time....

One thing i know for sure

these are the most wonderful days of my life

And my heaven is definetly in your arms.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

on my own

i wanted to take the road less taken,
but in the process i lose my way too often.
i want to close my eyes and cry out loud,very loud
but,alas,i realise i am on my own
lucky to meet one or two..
the day is getting darker and the sounds deeper
i should get home before my mamma worries
but,before me ,the path divides,
again i stand there confused..
i prefer the road less travelled