Monday, August 9, 2010

Rain, Ah.. it has turned beautiful again

Across the window-pane
It pours and pours;
And swift and wide,
Like a river down the gutter roars
The rain, the welcome rain!

These are the lines from the poem ‘how beautiful is the rain’ from Wordsworth. He sure was a fellow who enjoyed the rain. There are many among us who hates a rainy day. Its understandable as it causes many a hardship while travelling , it spoils the plans for an outing, among many other things. And the most horrible things of all is ,it exposes the poorest sewage system in the whole world, where I stay, when it rains, I feel I live in a gutter.
But there are many many beautiful things associated with the rains. The gentle cold breeze sweeping the dupatta along..having a pani-puri after the heavy shower, droplets hanging at the tip of ur hair..above all spending a rainy evening holding your beloveds hands.
Different people will have different outlook towards a rainy day.
An old married couple would prefer to spend their rainy evening eating hot pakodas with a really steaming cup of tea. They would talk about their children, grand children, grandpa would reminiscent of how tasty grandmas pakodas used to be. Grandmas shy wink …. So adorable isn it?
What would a young married couple do? The same thing in a little more lively manner. Wife cooking samosas, husband walking all around her talking such silly matters but all the while thinking of which is the best angle to hug her..:)
A college going guy? Endless messages to his newly found ‘love’. Thinking of her in the rain (in a red sari would be perfect), of the countless rains yet to spend with her. That cannot-be-suppressed longing for her kiss. A similar guy who hasn’t yet found his so called ‘love’ ? He too will be sending messages. But that will be to his peers, in the ‘awaiting conformation’ group.

And thus the rain comes and goes. Whether it splashes the muddy waters or whether it sprouts up the romantic side in you, its always a cause for celebration.


Krish said...

If a rainy evening is going to make you write such a beautiful blog... let it rain daily.. :)

soorya said...

Thanks Krish :P