Sunday, October 10, 2010

Today in newspaper I read a coloumn written by a girl about her encounters with prospective grooms. Just then I thought, oh gosh! I forgot to post my tryst on my blog. So here goes.. Me have been pretty lucky in this case since so far I have been ‘fortunate’ enough to meet only three guys in person. Most of the proposals came from guys working in Bangalore itself. so I thought it would be equally comfortable for both sides to ease the burden if only the guy and the girl meets at first. But my father was really apprehensive about that. He said, ‘u never know such guys, what if they misuse the opportunity, they would have your mobile no: and they can harass you on phone..” .If u r doubtful of such guys why in the first place do u even consider them. But you see , absolutely no good is to come by arguing with my father. So atlast the day came when I was going to meet the first guy, no surprise it was in our own small living room. I put up a grand smile on my face, a salwar kameez to impress the prospective mother in law and all the while cursing the old system in my mind. They reached on the exact time they had told. My mother gave me the large tray of tea cups in the kitchen and asked me to follow her to the living room. But alas!, I couldn’t hold the tray for a full one minute. Hey, it was really heavy, and I’m a frail little figure ;)
So my mom carried it for me and I followed,they literally placed me in the middle of the room. I couldn’t help laughing because the guy wouldn’t lift his eyes from the tea cup. His mother gave me a thorough scan. The guys elder brother’s family were also there to inspect me along with their small kid. Since I was sittling there like an idol, as a courtesy I tried to play with the kid. I took its hand, and no sooner it started wailing . oh my god would someone stuff a ladoo in its mouth. Kids are adorable, but for gods sake someone should reduce their decibel while they are crying. Then the question answer session came which was not at all tiring because only two questions were directed at me from the guys mother. “will you be able to relocate to kerala”? for which I answered “not any time soon”.. and the second question was “which time do you return everyday after work” I promptly replied “sometimes around 7 or 8”(I was trying to be honest there). But I forgot to mention the worst part, as soon as I entered the living room, the guy’s father after a few minutes got up and exited and started to admire the lawn instead. I really don’t know the reason till now, because we have never heard from that family after that. Can it be my prompt answers to the old lady’s questions?

The story of the next guy wil follow…