Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tweets are costly!

In my last blog entry I had written about how the internet and networking sites have penetrated our daily lives.No sooner had I posted that,there comes the rather expected news of the disgraceful downfall of two ‘great’ men.All because they both tweeted in the wee hours of the night waking up everybody else in the process.As far as the history shows,Twitter has caused many a flutter among the social class.Remember the row between the producers of three idiots and chetan bhagath?Chethan showed his weaker side by blocking certain people in his twitter who supposedly was ‘against’ him.
Lets come to the present saga between lalit modi and shashi tharoor.From the beginning Mr.Tharoor had explicitly displayed his incompetency in ‘Indian politics’.(Remember he was the runner up for the UN General Secretary post).There is a saying in malayalam which vaguely translates as ,,Many a war was caused either due to booty or beauties.
The cause here was both.Modi wanted his booty and Tharoor preferred his beauty,Sunanda Pushkar.
Mr.Tharoor was elected from my hometown,thiruvananthapuram.We all cheered for him .All the youngsters supported and voted for him expecting much from him in return,There were also some, who voted for him jus for his looks( he seemed like an oasis in the vast desert of old men waiting with their one leg already in grave)I don’t know which among the top two categories my sis belongs to since she celebrated the victory of tharoor for an entire day when the next day was her semester exam(that too without mourning for our dear MJ’s sad demise).Lately someone in MTV said the most hilarious thing about tharoor,that Rakhi Sawanth was feeling very insecure about her first place as controvery queen which has been actively chased by Mr.Tharoor.
When He had his first controversy about the ‘cattle class’,there were many supporting him in twitter,but slowly only we realised that he has his ‘foot stuck in his mouth’.perenially!
To talk about Modi,I can only think of one thing,Its has become an unaccepted truth in India that anyone who shoots to fame out of the blue and has so much money riding on him will definetly be on muddy waters.In this case it just took a little longer for Modi to lose the grip in the mud.
Last Word:: If you have decided to break the rules,then better learn to face the heat.

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