Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7 days of positivity (Day 3)

Mine is a whining nature by birth :P . I crib and i complain usually for almost everything. Even though by gods grace we have all the necessary things in life, I still whine for even a small setback. Since yesterday was a really depressing day, I thought I wont be able to list out even 2 points of positivity. But surprisingly as I started listing out , it came out one by one. Eventhough it was eleven at night,, I felt so satisfied and happy after finishing my blog. I hope this experiment on positivity really does something good to me.

I have a few points for today also

1. There was absolutely no work in office today .Went through many new blogs, and ofcourse the constant companion , facebook :). Its definetly a positive thing for me .

2. Had a long chat with my mother. I love her sooooo much. mmmuuaaah .

3. Tried the new Epic browser. It was really cool. It cannot get more indian-ish :Phad a great time experimenting on it.

4. Walked in the rain with a close friend. It was totally exhilarating.

5. Saw an old episode of 'Friends'. The title explains itself :))

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