Thursday, May 6, 2010

My heart aches with pain..

My heart aches with pain
Now,when i think of the memories you gave
Alas,those were all such sweet ones
Never did i suspect,i would cry over it

Didnt you promise to be by my side forever
I still try to hold your hand doubting nothing
That love seems missing from your eyes
They do not search for me anymore

Eventhough we walk side by side, our hands
They no longer touch accidently,so near yet miles apart
Of untold troubles and such tragedies
Would befall my life so soon...?

I could not care less, those days, what others would think
When they saw our sparkling spirit
Stares were returned in an equally cold manner
But now i doubt, you feel ashamed to be besides me?

My heart aches with pain, when i think of the future
A world where even memories would fade out..
Where the past would seem, like the tattered pages of a book ,long forgotten
Aviolin whose strings are broken, that can no longer play the classics
A strange choice of favourites,for the devil...