Friday, July 30, 2010

7 days of positivity (Day 5)

1. Started on a new book morning itself "The immortals of meluha".
Reading a book is simply satisfying and definetly positive :)
2. Its Friday and following is the weekend. Fridays' are always beautiful. Friday is my favourite day of the week, it is expected to be positive :P
3. Me and Sagarika went for shopping. Shopping is like a healing process :D
I bought a stylish belt, purple colour. I am so happy about that :P
4. We also ate 'pani puri' after shopping, it was mouth watering. Such kind of small things always brings a smile to everyones face.
5. Tried on my new belt with all my jeans, had a catwalk(my normal walk is like a duck's walk, think how i would do a 'cat' walk ) session in the room with my friends applauding, it was overall a great day, fridays are meant to be like that :)

Thursday, July 29, 2010

7 days of positivity (Day 4)

1. My colleague sagarika returned from hyderabad. She bought snacks, and i devoured on it like i was starving for days :)
2. Once again so happy to see a close friend after a week of 'judai..' :P
We share a good rapport on everything..
3. There was only one umbrella , and we both got completely drenched while returning back from office. As we were stepping out of the office gate, we saw our only direct bus passing by, i had to shout and run and i jumped over a wide-open ditch to stop the bus.Once inside he bus, we burst out giggling, the song that was playing inside the bus was ..'tip tip barsaa pani...panime...'
4. i bought chocolate jam to enjoy the rain completely :P , i finished half the bottle just yesterday alone
5. Saw a comedy film at night...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

7 days of positivity (Day 3)

Mine is a whining nature by birth :P . I crib and i complain usually for almost everything. Even though by gods grace we have all the necessary things in life, I still whine for even a small setback. Since yesterday was a really depressing day, I thought I wont be able to list out even 2 points of positivity. But surprisingly as I started listing out , it came out one by one. Eventhough it was eleven at night,, I felt so satisfied and happy after finishing my blog. I hope this experiment on positivity really does something good to me.

I have a few points for today also

1. There was absolutely no work in office today .Went through many new blogs, and ofcourse the constant companion , facebook :). Its definetly a positive thing for me .

2. Had a long chat with my mother. I love her sooooo much. mmmuuaaah .

3. Tried the new Epic browser. It was really cool. It cannot get more indian-ish :Phad a great time experimenting on it.

4. Walked in the rain with a close friend. It was totally exhilarating.

5. Saw an old episode of 'Friends'. The title explains itself :))

This picture is sensuous !

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7 days of positivity (day 2)

Today was not such a happy day, infact it was a depressing one. To add to that it rained suddenly in the evening spoiling our shopping plans :)
But i can still comb through todays happenings and find out a few things which atleast hinted towards happiness.
1. The morning tea i made was superb, which is really a good way to kick start office ..
the tea break is a way of culture :D
2. My wall photo of two buffalloes in facebook got 18 comments ( more than half of that is mine ;P )
3. One of my colleagues who was behaving a bit indifferently for the past few days became normal today . he he, good for him,, :)
4. I met one of my closest friend Sankho after a long time today. ( and we gossiped about our another friend Venkatesan :P )
5. My roommate bought pepper chicken for dinner . ( isnt she adorable :P )

Monday, July 26, 2010

5 positive things that happened to me today...:) (day 1)

I read it in and about

a week of positivity, but since i couldnt follow it then i post mine for today alone here..
1. Felt great to see my roommate after 4 long days
2. Got to gossip about our next door mate to her, which felt even greater, ! really !!
3. Pappu Bhaiyya made a wonderful breakfast of dosa and chutney which tasted like heaven
4. Had a small fight with a very close friend, which is obviously not the ‘best’ part, but what follows it…:)…all the sorry’s and cuddling .. :D
5. Got to study something new at office, which wont feel great at the beginning , but is so satisfying at the end.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ten ‘not so usual’ things that I don’t like

1. sometimes I like doing ‘something’ in the kitchen, like preparing a dish :) , but I hate washing the vessels after that :)
2. I hate when somebody while reading something in the computer screen, keeps on clicking on the screen with their mouse :P
3. I really feel angry when I see more than two missed calls in my mobile, from the same person (mostly within a gap of 5 minutes :))
4. I feel pissed off when somebody doesn’t reply to my text message
5. I really don’t like it when my hair starts to curl up at the end of the day inspite of me trying all means to keep it from curling.
6. I feel so frustrated when pappu bhaiyya (the acclaimed cook of my hostel) includes potato in all dishes including maggi, day after day.
7. I feel like hanging myself when I ask my sister to keep her room clean and she replies ‘go mind your business’ :(
8. Sometimes I plan to go out at ten in the morning,but I loiter around a bit and when at four in the evening, I step out ..bang! It rains in bangalore like its chirapunji.
9. Carrying the plate of lunch and walking the entire canteen space looking for a vacant chair is more of an embarassment.
10. Some shameless sleazebags gloat over anyone and everything particularly for no reason at all.