Sunday, October 3, 2010

home sweet home

So atlast the common wealth games has arrived. The ayodhya verdict is out and I have come home after almost a month. :)
I had planned to come home last week itself, but the verdict was supposed to be out then and the atmosphere was tight with tension. When atlast the verdict came, india had proved that she had moved on since 1992. But something which I havent got still is , what is this nirmohi akhara?.., doesn’t it sound like a weight lifting team for the CWG ? :)
One of my best friends Rochelle, made plans to visit Bangalore and stay with me for one or two days. Since I had to go visit my parens that weekend (who is by the by in Trivandrum) she booked the flight from delhi to Bangalore on Friday and Saturday we both decided to start to kerala together. Unfortunately she missed the flight by a few minutes. Thanks to the Games. Her emotions were best described by her facebook update the next day “screw the games, screw the officials, screw the airlines”. So I started alone, on a cloudy Saturday evening reaching the busstand one hour earlier and the bus being late for another hour.
I have got this travel-sickness, whenever I get into a closed A/C vehicle, I tend to get a nausea feeling and sometimes I do puke :(. Because of that ,I always have this avomin tablet with me, anti-vomiting tablet. Yesterday I purposefully avoided taking the tablet and the whole journey was a hell of a headache. I promised myself never to do such experiments with myself ever again. I always wonder myself, how blissful my life would have been without my sworn enemy, his majesty all-time-hanging-around ready-to-pounce ‘headache’. Its there when i get on a volvo to get to work, it appears when i shampoo my hair, it creeps in when i tie my hair, its there if i stare into monitor. In short its always there, omnipresent.
The last one headache which was hanging at the tip of my hair slipped off as soon as I entered my home. Home is always sweet home. The scene is typical, it’s the same whenever I reach home. My sister wil be going through my luggage to find if I had bought presents for her. My mother will be going non stop with the complaints about my dad, how he didn’t allow her to see the daily soap opera, how he put horlicks into her morning tea to give her more strength(yuck!!) ( which she says is used up just to bear him alone) etc etc. And dad with his usual dialogues
‘u look like a malnourished child, you have to take care of your health young lady’, etc etc
The three days which I got at home is all packed with plans. Shopping with sister, visiting relatives, trying out cooking(atleast this time :P ), copying films to my laptop etc etc.
The most amazing part of visiting home is none of the above, it all about the ‘fish’. Yes I loveeeee fish, especially fried ones. Mom somehow, even if its monsoon, gets it for me from somewhere or the other. Now isn’t that the sweetest thing about moms?. They are always there, just there for you!

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