Thursday, April 29, 2010

guru devo bhava!

If u ask me, as a student the greatest blessing I had was in the form of my teachers.There is this one particular teacher that I admire the most. She was our English teacher,,she was an inspiration to all of us.She had this aura around her,that commanded the respect of the students without asking. She had a different method of teaching, the classes were very interactive and im sure none of her students would ever feel anything called a stage-fright.
She was not only our favourite teacher but our style icon too.She had this short stylish hairstyle and superbly stylish accessories and an even more stylish attitude (that was only a very positive one).
Whatever school u go to and however hard you study ,it’s the teachers that mould your character which I believe is the major part of education. Mugging up whats in the syllabus will not help at all, you have to have the spirit to learn. We should learn to learn and for that you need to have the right guidance from the right people., especially in a household where both parents are working .
In contrast to our English teacher we had a maths teacher. He ,yes he is a HE, abhorred me like anything. Utter detest would be the exact word he felt for me. Now guys, haven’t u wondered why im such a dumb ass when it comes to even simple calculations..
He wouldn’t allow me to even ask any doubts, needless to say I was a nuisance, I admit it here!!
He once asked me to bring my mom to school the next day. I obeyed,. what else can a helpless lamb do?:) My mom came and he gave his predicament. “Its difficult to teach your daughter, she asks too many doubts, I cant concentrate on teaching” (it’s a true incident)
You had to see the perplexed face of my mother. Is my daughter a hindrance for the working of a school! &*#? !
Last Word:: atlast maths became French for me and English became my favourite subject.
I guess French is more familiar to me!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It is a long winding road. Like the ones u see in English countrysides.If u look from top a little far off, it would look like a painting ,all parrot green with a brown strip going right thru its centre in almost a zigzag manner. There are large trees on either side of the road.
They didn’t bear any fruits or flowers, I cannot see any on them...Now u would expect sheeps grazing among the lush meadows, na there were none of them there. In fact the only animal on the vicinity was me if u could call me that.
I was just walking ,just walking forward and what carried me was my thoughts. What if I was the last living being on the earth(now don’t come up with the argument that plants are also living things, that’s pretty old-school) .i looked back and forth, It really seemed so because nobody was to be seen for miles. I suddenly felt free, wanted to be free of all the strings attached (that’s the modest way to say that I want to run away from responsibilities).Why cant humans be like animals, why we alone were given the power of thought!. The ability to think is the only major difference I can say that we humans have from animals.
As if I had questioned the mighty god above all, there came a thunderbolt, I expected to hear a divine intervention .But instead came tears as if he is fed up with me. It started raining heavily.
I took my umbrella from my bag. Yes I had a bag with me and in that I had an umbrella too.:) See I am a pukka malayali.(a fact:malayali ladies never go out without an umbrella even if they forget to take their wallet).I turn to close my bag and I feel a movement near me on the other side. I got the shock of my life. I was already sharing my umbrella with two other people! Where in the hell did they come from. From the very first look I could realize that they were very much lovers, yes they must have been in the shade of some tree…ok lets not go further deep thereJ
Doesn’t the girl resemble my roommate…?
Soorya,soorya,.i hear my name being shouted ,I woke up. good lord it was a dream!
My roommate is shouting at her boyfriend, whose name unfortunately is the same as mine. pity me!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tweets are costly!

In my last blog entry I had written about how the internet and networking sites have penetrated our daily lives.No sooner had I posted that,there comes the rather expected news of the disgraceful downfall of two ‘great’ men.All because they both tweeted in the wee hours of the night waking up everybody else in the process.As far as the history shows,Twitter has caused many a flutter among the social class.Remember the row between the producers of three idiots and chetan bhagath?Chethan showed his weaker side by blocking certain people in his twitter who supposedly was ‘against’ him.
Lets come to the present saga between lalit modi and shashi tharoor.From the beginning Mr.Tharoor had explicitly displayed his incompetency in ‘Indian politics’.(Remember he was the runner up for the UN General Secretary post).There is a saying in malayalam which vaguely translates as ,,Many a war was caused either due to booty or beauties.
The cause here was both.Modi wanted his booty and Tharoor preferred his beauty,Sunanda Pushkar.
Mr.Tharoor was elected from my hometown,thiruvananthapuram.We all cheered for him .All the youngsters supported and voted for him expecting much from him in return,There were also some, who voted for him jus for his looks( he seemed like an oasis in the vast desert of old men waiting with their one leg already in grave)I don’t know which among the top two categories my sis belongs to since she celebrated the victory of tharoor for an entire day when the next day was her semester exam(that too without mourning for our dear MJ’s sad demise).Lately someone in MTV said the most hilarious thing about tharoor,that Rakhi Sawanth was feeling very insecure about her first place as controvery queen which has been actively chased by Mr.Tharoor.
When He had his first controversy about the ‘cattle class’,there were many supporting him in twitter,but slowly only we realised that he has his ‘foot stuck in his mouth’.perenially!
To talk about Modi,I can only think of one thing,Its has become an unaccepted truth in India that anyone who shoots to fame out of the blue and has so much money riding on him will definetly be on muddy waters.In this case it just took a little longer for Modi to lose the grip in the mud.
Last Word:: If you have decided to break the rules,then better learn to face the heat.

Monday, April 19, 2010


Its unbelievable how internet has penetrated our lives isn’t it?.Orkut and Facebook has become a way of life now and the baap of all, the mighty “Google”; where u can find the answers to all your questions, amazingly!!!!!!.
Next time someone yells at you to ‘get lost’, just google it and u can definitely get lost……believe me!!!!
An incident took place at our house last week. Before I state that, let me give you a brief preview on whatz happening at our house for the past few months….. The only subject, that’s been talked about between my mom and dad is about my marriage( being single after employed isint a disgrace to anyone….wake up…) . Now nobody will find groom hunting strange, but what makes it strange in my case is that my parents eat, drink and sleep on matrimonial sites….(whew!!). My kid sis is now behaving like my naani advising me on my future prospectus husbands….as if she has the whole worlds experience there……… BUT, alert mates….the greatest gyaan comes from my cousin brother who can predict the behaviour of the boy by just looking at his photo, mind it, that too a passport size….(naah, no appointments with him is issued now, so don’t think of playing your card there…...)and to add more to all this mess, just recently I saw an ad on TV (which is yet to be discovered by my parents)about a new matrimonial site where you relatives from both sides can come online and chat with each other. How weird is that!!!!!..(guaranteed your network provider is good enough).oh yes, my cousin brother stands as a exception, he dosent require even those exchanged glories to recognize one…J

Sorry….. got carried away, was about to mention the incident na?
Yeah… the most recent proposal,a decent looking guy with a good job, which I rejected as usual…. Dad, as obvious as it is, claimed for an explanation for my rejection…
“see dad..,I read his orkut profile( thank his majesty, the social networking sites) and to be modest it wasn’t impressive.”
He looked stunned and after a few moments of silence he retorted
“ I agreed to marry your mother after seeing her once, that too at a time when there was a powercut in the house”.
I smiled and asked him back.”so you think you are fortunate or unfortunate”?
Then comes the reply “mole life requires a lot of adjustments”
To which my mom’s(who just entered the scene) blank expression replied….

PS: dedicated to all fellow mortals who is constantly abused, tortured and blackmailed by the supreme divine institution called MARRIAGE