Sunday, August 1, 2010

7 days of positivity (Day 6)

I am not at all proud of myself today. The day was a total disaster. Still i can list out some points that can lead to positive thoughts

1. Got up at ten o clock in the morning, that sleep during those extra hours is simply great,anyone would agree, but my mother should not know this. :P

2. washed my clothes, cleaned my room, tidied up the cupboard.. This tidying process somehow takes me to a different world altogether, i forget all worries and everything and gets completely involved in it.

3. Since my sister is visiting me tomorrow, i went out to buy chocolates for her and her friends.. the word chocolate itself brings positive vibes around me ..ooooooooooooo.... :D

4. Continued with my book, three to four hours of continued reading, oblivious of the world around me. he he..(too much na)

5. I have a friend, she is a wayside vendor who sells tender coconut, maybe a few years elder to me, had a happy chat with her, she trying to converse with me in malayalam and me trying to decipher it, all the people walking past us stared at us like anything, but who cares, really... ;P

1 comment:

Rams said...

Thatz a Gr8 week of Blog.. Positively Personified.. Hope u do it a weekly practice... You could see the lil optimistic part in u showing up every week... :) :)...