Wednesday, December 29, 2010

At the time of writing this

1. I am feeling terribly sad :(

2. time is 10.04pm

3. the first thing that comes to my mind is when will I get my next follower :P

4. if I look ahead I can see the backside of the door to my room which has a notice pasted on it which  I know byheart by now.

5. if I extent my arm to the left, it’s the wall

6. the walls are painted in a light yellow

7. if I extent my arms to the right, I can touch my roommate, she brushes of my hand non-chalantly

8. on my bed,next to me lies my mobile and a novel ‘little women’.

9. grabs the book, blindly opens it, its page 364.the first line to see is “im cultivating eye and taste as fast as I can” (giggles)

10. if I listen carefully, I can hear the girl upstairs complaining to her friend about her boyfriend

11. the last time I smiled was an hour ago,in a shopping mall (co –incidently)

12. the last message on my phone says ‘a deaf child says, for all of u im deaf..but for me all of u r dumb..’ (mmmmm…)

13. if I look out thru the window,I see a bathroom.

14. the last time I watched tv, somebody called Sheila was trying to out do somebody called munni.

15. I ask my friend ,wat is in his mind at present and he replies, he sees a fan above his head, his nose is itchy and he feels cold.

16. if I think of trw, the only think I can think aftr that is the firing im goin to get trw from my manager
(ya,this time I really screwed up)


raj said...

smiles :)

Harman said...

happy..New year..2011...
have a good one!

Rams said...

Gr8 u had sometime to think something apart from ur office!! Change the poster in the place u stay so that u could by-heart the next set of quotes..:P :P... Commenting at 4:40 PM n wishin u a Gr8 New Year...:) :)