Tuesday, July 26, 2011

boring office :(

After a week long vacation, back to office. I am totally out of sync with office work ,nevertheless to say didn’t even read all the mails. I wish I could sit at home all day long and not worry about anything. It’s a blissful feeling I must admit. Last week was something close to that. But the sad part in that is I was kinda walking like an old gag who has rickets, I had boils in my knees which was paining like hell and hence the walk.
But there were days in that week too where I did some work. I learned a bit of cooking. I learned to cook sambar, cabbage curry, and other kerala dishes. I even dared to make custard for dessert. The only problem with the custard was I didn’t add enough sugar. phew!!! a dessert which is not sweet. !!
And apart from cooking I also learned that wearing a saree and maintaining it for an entire day is nothing short of a herculean task. I wonder how ladies including my mother just drape it on within minutes and walk about doing all the household and office chore with it. To tell the truth  I felt suffocated but cannot deny the feminine feeling it imparts. I felt like a grown up. J.
Back  to office, with three of my colleagues gone, doesn’t feel like the pace to be. Even the much awaited tea sessions seems not so appealing.

Monday, July 11, 2011

On a summer dusk...

 Long long ago on a summer dusk
I woke up to a feeling that
I now know is love.

Whats that feeling I had thought
Is it nausea or sleeplessness or a hunger problem
It had sent my pulses high and sweat was dripping down my brows
I asked my maids, whats this all about
They laughed at my silliness and went about their way

Then I saw him at the far end of the garden
I had my pulses high again
I knew then I had lost my heart
To that hazel eyes vying me
 like arrows , Piercing right through my soul
his long tresses and the curls had me winded

it’s a wonderous joy when you discover
that sweet surrender to your lover
Oh yes, its kinda love.
We played among the flowers and the fields
Swans were our company ,it all felt right

But time had come for him to leave
It was time for the harvest again,
Though it pained him, he had to go
But he promised with all his heart.
He would be back to ask for my hand
I lie here staring into empy space
Waiting for him with honour