Wednesday, December 29, 2010

At the time of writing this

1. I am feeling terribly sad :(

2. time is 10.04pm

3. the first thing that comes to my mind is when will I get my next follower :P

4. if I look ahead I can see the backside of the door to my room which has a notice pasted on it which  I know byheart by now.

5. if I extent my arm to the left, it’s the wall

6. the walls are painted in a light yellow

7. if I extent my arms to the right, I can touch my roommate, she brushes of my hand non-chalantly

8. on my bed,next to me lies my mobile and a novel ‘little women’.

9. grabs the book, blindly opens it, its page 364.the first line to see is “im cultivating eye and taste as fast as I can” (giggles)

10. if I listen carefully, I can hear the girl upstairs complaining to her friend about her boyfriend

11. the last time I smiled was an hour ago,in a shopping mall (co –incidently)

12. the last message on my phone says ‘a deaf child says, for all of u im deaf..but for me all of u r dumb..’ (mmmmm…)

13. if I look out thru the window,I see a bathroom.

14. the last time I watched tv, somebody called Sheila was trying to out do somebody called munni.

15. I ask my friend ,wat is in his mind at present and he replies, he sees a fan above his head, his nose is itchy and he feels cold.

16. if I think of trw, the only think I can think aftr that is the firing im goin to get trw from my manager
(ya,this time I really screwed up)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

if i were..

If I were a time I would be 7.00am( newly found passion, time for a morning stroll)

If I were a day I would be Friday( weekend following it, sigh of relief)

If I were a month I would be May (my bday is on may)

If I were a year I would be 2010( got a whole lot of new relations to cherish for a life time)

If I were a gadget I would be the oven(would heat things up a bit ;))

If I were a flower, I would be the lotus( devoted to the sun)

If I were a song , I would be ‘I’m tired of being what u want me to be’(linkin park-numb)

If I were a season, I would be the spring( no reasons needed here I guess!)

If I were a planet, I would be the Venus(the goddess of love and beauty,ooooo ;))

If I were an outfit, I would be the sari (there is nothing more graceful to drape over a gal)

If I were a feeling, I would be romantic (I am!)

If I were a food, I would be the chocolate (I can devour it till I fall dizzy)

If I were a place I would be Aleppey (backwaters, fields, freshwater fishes and its just green wherever you look)

If I were an expression, I would be the winking smiley (winking!)

If I were a jewellery I would be hanging around somebody’s neck (diamonds and nothing less)

If I were a car, I would be the Volkswagen Beetle ( a car cannot be more feminine)

If I were a material, I would be silk( smooth and silky,ofcourse!)

If I were a sound, hmmm..i never want to be a sound( they make my head ache :( )

If I were a taste,, I would be sweet and salty ;)

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A morning walk..

I couldn’t believe my eyes today morning. No, I hadn’t turned into a boy, even though that’s what I pray before going to sleep :P (I envy the boys for the freedom they have. this subject totally deserves a exclusive write up of its own) Bangalore was covered by fog, more appropriately smog. The visibility was restricted to maybe ten feet. I was surprised because even yesterday at nine in the morning when I started to office, the sun glared up from there so angrily. I have seen such kind of beautiful view only in north of India and it was already the end of December, I had almost given up expecting Bangalore to turn cold .

My life had got so mundane lately. I had to do something different, nothing too big, but a daily morning walk. Morning walks not like my fathers. His case is weird, weird in the sense, whatever happens he would get up by 5.30am and go for a walk. I don’t think he ever misses a walk except when he is in a plane. (In train he does go for a walk!!) .

So as determined as can be, I dragged myself up from bed by around 7 o clock. Yes I know that ‘eye of shame’ and the ‘mean look’. If you didn’t know 7 is supposedly the 5 for the younger generation :) . I wore my track suits, tied my hair in a high pony tail, put on my ear phones and started. (I still hadn’t bought a new shoes, so had to wear my costly puma ones! sigh!)

Pappu bhaiyya as usual provided the motivation talk while I stood at the gate hesitating. The fog was kinda scary, I was not able to see anything on the road. But I wouldn’t regret the decision ever. The feeling of walking alone on a quiet lane with trees dotting on both sides is exhilarating. My hands froze and mist started forming on my hair. It was a wonderful feeling. And I decided then, whatever happens today, I am not going to get irritated or frustrated. Forgiveness will be thy virtue today. I recommend a morning walk to everyone. It can lift up your spirits so high. But there are some living beings among us who are determined to get into our nerves. They may try to break us, but we need to be strong. Its almost lunch time now, and I need to hold it together for a few more hours. Oh damn, I didn’t know putting up a smile on your face was so darn difficult!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Julian Assange

Today I happened to read a newspiece on the infamous Julian Assange. Those who didn’t yet hear of the man, he is the brain behind the wikileaks website. Wikileaks is a worldwide network of websites that contains secret documents about US government.

Suddenly I get to hear about wikileaks everywhere, friends starts to talk about it in office, a piece of news everyday in newspapers and such. At first I thought it must be a brother of wikipedia, what with the name similarity and all :P

But last day I did a little research and stumbled upon many news items and documents that gave detailed information about wikileaks. You believe it or not its straight from a Hollywood script, infact much more difficult to believe than the movies. (But it couldn’t beat the Inception idea, kudos to Christopher Nolan). Just like the story of every successful nerd , Julian Assange has had a turbulent childhood, with his mother in many relationships and no real schooling. At an early age he got into computers and hacking interested him the most. Many of the incidents surrounding his childhood indicates that he was a paranoid. It seems he used to wait in his room to hear the footsteps of police arriving at his home for a raid. His wife found it so intolerable that she moved out with their son. He was arrested later and charged with computer related crimes. Later in 2007 he joined hands with a similar minded hacker from germany to start wikileaks.

Their first major breakthrough came with the publication of a secret pentagon official video which they renamed ‘collateral damage’.The video showed an army crew in an apache helicopter opening fire simply on a crowd of people on the ground (related to Iraq war).Thus wikileaks obtained international notoriety. But they began losing credibility when allegations brew about exaggerated materials and videos. There were also sexual charges against Assange.

Currently he is behind bars due to these sexual charges .

I guess no one from India would come forward to expose the government here with something similar to wikileaks. If in case anyone does, most of his time would be spent to battle the home ministry . As someone said in our country we have more serious leaks to take care of, the tapes leak, exam paper leak, defence secrets, sting operations, bhopal gas etc and still etc..:)
By the way Assange didn’t had to face these things because he had put up his base in Sweden . He had built a den, underground for his facility. Two days ago there were photographs in newspapers of his den being compared to that of batmans in the movie.

And guess who his supporters are? Hackers all over the world.

Eventhough his activity and perception is flawed, it would take a whole lot of courage to venture into something as enormous as this. For more details, you can go through the following link.

Friday, December 10, 2010

a bad day..

Today started surprisingly pleasant for me. The reason being none other than finding hot water for bathing. There is one big geyser in our hostel bathroom,but even if we leave it switched on for one hour , the water just wouldn’t heat up more than a meagre lukewarm So thanking all the gods present above us, I got down for office with a beautiful smile on my face,(ya, sometimes I do that thinking of the funny situations in my life). As I neared the zebra crossing, to reach to the bustop on the opposite side, a group of people already had started crossing unmindful of the vehicles streaming by. I ran and joined the group and followed them. Obviously I was the last one to cross and a speeding car(wagonR to be precise :P) came just inches infront of me and stopped. The sudden break had caused that screeching sound of tyre on the road. All eyes fell and rested over me. But what about me? As soon as I realized that the car was about to hit me, my hands went above covering my ears, my eyes got tightly shut , mouth wide open , I stood their transfixed.

You see, I have read somewhere that during such moments where u see death so nearby, your past starts flashing before your eyes. But to tell the truth, nothing flashed infront of me. As the horn went on blowing I understood that I am still alive, I ran to the bustop without even turning behind to see the driver or anyone nearby. But my face revealed no embarrassment aftr reaching the bustop. Inside me, my heart had just finished a hundred metre race. But the rendezvous was not to end there. I reached office safely, but there also I had to cross a highway. I was standing on the road divider and as I stepped down on the road, my right leg twisted and turned and I just coudnt bear the pain. I have no clue whether its related , but from then on my right side of the neck is also paining. Now I walk and talk like a robot.

But restriction on my body movement didn’t stop me from enjoying the evening with my friend. We shopped!! :P Actually I shopped and my friend just watched me shopping. She said it’s a treat in itself. I am not proud I say..

Then went to KFC, had zinger burger, pepsi and popcorn chicken. I guess they got a new marketing head, otherwise why did they take so long to come up with this idea of chicken like popcorns!There they gave us a piece of paper to write down our feedback. We wrote wholeheartedly(really!)

‘The zinger burger is awesome but can you not hurt the poor chickens while making it…’