Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It is a long winding road. Like the ones u see in English countrysides.If u look from top a little far off, it would look like a painting ,all parrot green with a brown strip going right thru its centre in almost a zigzag manner. There are large trees on either side of the road.
They didn’t bear any fruits or flowers, I cannot see any on them...Now u would expect sheeps grazing among the lush meadows, na there were none of them there. In fact the only animal on the vicinity was me if u could call me that.
I was just walking ,just walking forward and what carried me was my thoughts. What if I was the last living being on the earth(now don’t come up with the argument that plants are also living things, that’s pretty old-school) .i looked back and forth, It really seemed so because nobody was to be seen for miles. I suddenly felt free, wanted to be free of all the strings attached (that’s the modest way to say that I want to run away from responsibilities).Why cant humans be like animals, why we alone were given the power of thought!. The ability to think is the only major difference I can say that we humans have from animals.
As if I had questioned the mighty god above all, there came a thunderbolt, I expected to hear a divine intervention .But instead came tears as if he is fed up with me. It started raining heavily.
I took my umbrella from my bag. Yes I had a bag with me and in that I had an umbrella too.:) See I am a pukka malayali.(a fact:malayali ladies never go out without an umbrella even if they forget to take their wallet).I turn to close my bag and I feel a movement near me on the other side. I got the shock of my life. I was already sharing my umbrella with two other people! Where in the hell did they come from. From the very first look I could realize that they were very much lovers, yes they must have been in the shade of some tree…ok lets not go further deep thereJ
Doesn’t the girl resemble my roommate…?
Soorya,soorya,.i hear my name being shouted ,I woke up. good lord it was a dream!
My roommate is shouting at her boyfriend, whose name unfortunately is the same as mine. pity me!

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