Monday, March 28, 2011

sainaba's story..

Abdu had taken to weeds,.No, he was not a gardener, by profesion he was a butcher. He had a small shack which he used as his slaughter house,but now stray dogs sleep there.. He had found a new dealer, who sold grinded poppy leaves. After all poppy was abundant in Kabul. Its not like abdu was a gentlemen before the dealer came to town. His wife had taken to begging two years back itself. Their five kids included four girls. The eldest one was the most beautiful. The only one who had studied till fourth grade. She was sixteen now. Abdu cared only for her in the whole world.

One day the drug dealer stopped coming to his usual tea shop.The villagers thought Abdu had gone mad. He bet his wife uncontrollably. He threw all the pots and dishes outside. He thrashed the youngest one, the boy. He never hit his girls. He threw a big tantrum, he wept, he bit himself. After all this noise,when he was lying outside his hut his wife came out and told him, his eldest daughter had eloped. Sainaba had eloped with the drug dealer.

This news had a profound impact on abdu. He wept inconsolably.

He went to his shop , cleaned it, cut open his only remaining goat. He did not return home for two days. He worked in the carpenters shop for extra few shillings. He avoided speaking to everybody. The fifth day sainaba returned, with bruises and burns all over her body. Her long tresses now looked like a hen’s feathers. But she went missing again the next day. The villagers didn’t know what had happened to her. They also didn’t know that some among them had eaten a part of her for dinner. But abdu’s wife knew everything because among the left over meat in the shop, which abdu had bought home for the youngest boy was a small ear-ring which she recognized.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To The prime minister, with not-so-much-of love...

Dear Mr.Prime Minister,

I am writing this letter with utmost sincerity to this nation as well as immense respect for you. I didn’t want to write this to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi since its your post which spells P.R.I.M.E Minister. I just googled and went through the resumes of well known personalities in politics , economics and some other fields. Not to flatter you, but I couldn’t find one which would match your exemplary CV. Sir, then why is it that you are keeping mum all the time. Even though you have very small eyes and you are aged, I suppose you can see whats going on around you. Dear sir, the so called dignitaries in your cabinet is looting and plundering this nation. Please do something. If you are not able to increase your kid like voice, then please ask your madam to do it for you. I have also heard that the unaccounted money in swiss banks of indans can pay off all the debts of this big nation. Is that true sir? If yes why don’t you atleast release their names? If your hands are tied , atleast we can hire somebody to pelt stones at them. Hope you saw the disaster in Japan. Are you planning to do something for the safety of our nuclear plants.? I also have one suggestion on the arms deal which you very fondly pursue. Even if we buy all the third rate arms and ammunitions from developed countries and become the number one consumer of nuclear products, do you really think we will win a war, incase it happens? Really sir, r u so optimistic?

Its true that you were born in present day Pakistan and you feel we are all part of a single brotherhood, but sir most of this nation do not think in similar lines. Its after a long time that someone who have passed college has taken the premier position of this country, we had high hopes in you. But you shouldn’t feel pressurized. Its us who should be blamed, how can one billion people pin their hopes on an old fragile Punjabi man.

I don’t think the sardarji jokes are completely false. Do you sir?


A citizen.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last night, sometime around ten o clock, I was in the bed getting ready to doze of, when I heard my other two roommate’s discussion.

Girl A : “I have decided the name for my kid., sidharth”

Girl B : “ that’s a good name”

So I stopped my effort to sleep and started thinking about the name. sidharth seems to be a nice name for a boy. I also want to keep that name for my kid. but then I thought if I keep that name for my kid, people will shorten it and call him sidhuu.. Oh no, I cant allow that to happen. A kid with the exact same name was my enemy at school. This guy studied at my school and failed a year, so his father changed him to a govt school. There he flourished and grew up to be a good ‘tapori’. He took revenge on me by having his friends call my name whenever they see me on the street. I informed my father but since I was in fourth or fifth standard, he cared less. So I decided to solve the matter myself. One day I got to see Sidhu’s father on the way back to school. I promptly went up to him and complained about Sidhuu and his group of twist-heads. After that I have not heard or seen sidhu. Later I came to know from my friends that his father send him to Aleppey to stay with his grandmother .!

So the name sidharth is out of question. Have to think of some innovative names.