Thursday, August 18, 2011


The most disgusting book i have ever read is 'lolita', a novel by Vladimir Nobokov. Written and published n 1955. Reason behind reading the book was because its considered among the best in english literature.It was also featured among the Times top 100 best english novels. Before taking up this book i read quite a few reviews, and none of them gave me a preview on what was the content. Almost all of them praised the author for the different narrative style, which i too agree. What i disagree is on the content. In this book the narrator/author is obsessively in love with a 12 year old girl, now isnt that disgusting? As wikepedia says the protagonist here is an unreliable narrator, as in we cannot be sure if its a real story or not!. I cant believe that the book was not banned or stopped from publishing when Salman Rushdie's Satanic versus is banned in this age.
In the book the protagonist Humbert Humbert is not only 'obsessively' in love with the small girl but gets intimate with her too, if you know what i mean. Lolita is the nick name that he puts for the little girl. He has also coined a word called Nymphet for girls in the age group of 9 and 13.
Many of you would have seen the movie already made in the same name. Yet to watch it!
The book itself disturbed me emotionally, cant say how the movie would.

anna hazare

So whats with our government? Has it not done enough already to paint its face black?. to tell the truth im already tired of watching news channels blaring about Mr. Anna. nothing substantial is coming out of all his fasts and ramdevs out of the world yoga poses. All these tamasha and hullabaloo is for getting the jan lokpal bill passed in the parliament right? there is no immediate change or any drastic sort of change ushered in. there are so many bills passed in this country which dont see the light of the day.the law will always exist but who implements it completely?. So does the jan lokpal committe believe that once the bill is passed, the job is done?
i believe these kind of movements and drive against corruption must be for some immediate and drastic change. Just like the ones that happened in egypt.why not fast and strike against the government for punishing the people ruling this country who are such shameless buggers, immediate action against those found culprit

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

boring office :(

After a week long vacation, back to office. I am totally out of sync with office work ,nevertheless to say didn’t even read all the mails. I wish I could sit at home all day long and not worry about anything. It’s a blissful feeling I must admit. Last week was something close to that. But the sad part in that is I was kinda walking like an old gag who has rickets, I had boils in my knees which was paining like hell and hence the walk.
But there were days in that week too where I did some work. I learned a bit of cooking. I learned to cook sambar, cabbage curry, and other kerala dishes. I even dared to make custard for dessert. The only problem with the custard was I didn’t add enough sugar. phew!!! a dessert which is not sweet. !!
And apart from cooking I also learned that wearing a saree and maintaining it for an entire day is nothing short of a herculean task. I wonder how ladies including my mother just drape it on within minutes and walk about doing all the household and office chore with it. To tell the truth  I felt suffocated but cannot deny the feminine feeling it imparts. I felt like a grown up. J.
Back  to office, with three of my colleagues gone, doesn’t feel like the pace to be. Even the much awaited tea sessions seems not so appealing.

Monday, July 11, 2011

On a summer dusk...

 Long long ago on a summer dusk
I woke up to a feeling that
I now know is love.

Whats that feeling I had thought
Is it nausea or sleeplessness or a hunger problem
It had sent my pulses high and sweat was dripping down my brows
I asked my maids, whats this all about
They laughed at my silliness and went about their way

Then I saw him at the far end of the garden
I had my pulses high again
I knew then I had lost my heart
To that hazel eyes vying me
 like arrows , Piercing right through my soul
his long tresses and the curls had me winded

it’s a wonderous joy when you discover
that sweet surrender to your lover
Oh yes, its kinda love.
We played among the flowers and the fields
Swans were our company ,it all felt right

But time had come for him to leave
It was time for the harvest again,
Though it pained him, he had to go
But he promised with all his heart.
He would be back to ask for my hand
I lie here staring into empy space
Waiting for him with honour

Monday, June 13, 2011

a time lapse !

She  couldn’t remember what happened in the last one hour. She tried very hard, but it just wouldn’t appear in her head. She wondered loudly, ‘ I feel like I wasn’t alive the last one hour, maybe I had a blackout…’
She went on with her daily chores, washing the dishes and then the clothes, scrubbing the floor and other things. After she was finished with the daily routine, she looked at the clock, still 2 hours left for the kids to return from school. She decided to do some gardening. She didn’t have what you would call The green fingers, but she loved flowers, any flower in any shape and color, but the more intricate the design, the more she would keep looking at its beauty. She went to the garage  and searched among the old leftover boxes and items for a spade. Something got stuck in her feet and she looked down upon and it was a  painting, a beautiful one. Wonderstuck as anyone would get, when you find a fresh painting in your own garage when absolutely no one paints in your home.
All of a sudden Her head started aching terribly. As usual she suspected the migraine.
She went up to her bedroom and popped in her usual tablets and lied down for a quick nap.
Her kids came back home from work apprehensively, they never knew to whom they were coming home to. Each day each person would welcome them.,sometimes lovingly and sometimes swearing. They had learned to adjust long back. They prayed it should be the one who draws. They liked  her more than their mom’s real self.
 They were little kids in school when their family doctor revealed to them, their mother has been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

photo challenge 4 - something green!!!

Isnt it such a beautiful feet? well its not mine :(
right at the same day one of my colleagues wore a green sandal and green nail polish. It looked stunning on her.
i had plans to put picture of some plants growing in our hostel.(pappu bhaiyyas own plants ;P) but coudnt resist uploading the below one ;)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

photo challenge 3 - clouds !!!

There was a small drizzle yesterday evening and this photo was taken just after that.. the sky was so bright and clear .

Friday, June 3, 2011

photo challenge 2 - what u wore today!!!

I look like a mouse who just saw a snake *except that mouse is smiling :)
 the photo was taken in a hurry, but it shows my complete attire :D

photo challange 1 - self portrait :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

photo challenge

I was getting bored with my own posts here :(
Then today i came upon a post by one of the blog dosts!! see here
 It looks totally interesting, a photo post everyday for a month. whoohooo... im excited!!
Hope i can keep up with a post everyday.
So the posts will be based  on the following

the themes are pretty easy, except the one on self portrait  :D

Friday, May 27, 2011


This is the reason why we went to Kerala..:)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

our coupe' ;)

Friday evening me and ridhima rushed to catch the train to Trivandrum. Eventhough I have traveled in trains numerous times, it somehow freaks me out to travel by myself (without parents :P). After much confusion and hullaballoo we caught the train just five mins before it started. Ridhima says that’s the earliest she has caught a train in her life. In the compartment , apart from two of us there was an old man in a safari suit ,and a newly married couple on honeymoon. Everyone got setlled and started that awkward smiles and intro’s. Suddenly some 5 men came all of a sudden and asked us move to a corner and occupied the seats. Old man in the safari suit told them it’s a reserved compartemt, and that they are not supposed to sit here. They replied that they were railway employees and would get down in the next stop. Next stop was salem after Bangalore city. But since they were railways own employees, they had requested the driver of that long vehicle to stop at dharmagiri where they wanted to get down. It took almost one hour to reach their special stop. And in that time span one of the railway employee, lets call him Mr.Smarty pants, had let us known how smart he was and had received all our wrath.

The first incident: our safari suit uncle who was sitting by the window took out a sharp blade and started cutting his nails.( What the hell, was he out of his mind). The wind was blowing in so heavily, and as soon as everyone mustered courage to tell him to stop, one of his dirty cut nail, flew into our honeymoon brides kohl filled eyes. Her husband tried frantically to blow air into her eyes to take it out. It was certainly a sweet moment to watch but always there will be ‘kabab mein haddi’. Our smarty pants jumped between them and started blowing air into the brides eyes. Her husband’s face turned all red and he pushed him back into his seat. Me and ridhima burst out laughing. The lady then went to washroom.

Second incident: ridhima took out her Sudoku book and prepared herself for a challenging game.  No sooner had she kept the page opened in her lap, the smarty pants  started calling out the numbers. To our disbelief it all turned out to be correct. (so he was an intelligent idiot). Within 2 mins he had filled up half the game. Ridhima ran out of patience. She stared right into his face and asked. I didn’t bring the game for your timepass. He didn’t venture to talk to her again.

Third incident: one ‘vada chutney’ vendor passed our seats, and smarty pants uncle stopped him. He ordered a plate of vada and chutney for all of us. Me and ridhima politely refused. He then asked safari suit uncle to pay for it. Safari suit uncle muttered something under his breath and paid quietly.

There were so many other silly incidents too afterwards until they got down in their ‘special stop’. J

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

too much news in a week..

So much news in one week. Huh..Oh my god, I cant take in all that. First the royal wedding, then the missing CM, and finally the dead Osama.

The royal wedding was such a lovely nice affair. Ofcourse from where I saw it (the tv!). They really seemed so genuinely in love. Kate’s gown was superb, when I see such weddings, I wish I have a Christian wedding. Some say the prince looked handsome, but I don’t agree to that.. he is bald and fat . And its bad that he has to wear the official attire for his wedding. If anyone had noticed, its almost like a fairy tale, the tales which we used to read in our childhood days. The prince falling in love with a commoner, the middle class girl becoming the princess. But it didn’t happen overnight. I read somewhere that the marriage culminated after a eight year long affair. That’s a lot of patience gal!!

The missing cm is still missing when I write this. Whatever the hell happened to him. Nobody cares about the poor old man. The same situation happened I think a year ago, when the Andhra Pradesh CM took off in a helicopter in bad weather. He too went missing for some days and was later found dead. That time it had created quite a stir, but this time the news itself has been killed by the osama killing.

Dead or alive this man is always in news. But we want proof. How can the president call a press conference and announce that they have killed the most-wanted-man. At least a genuine photo? He says they dumped him in the Arabian sea. What nonsense! All these years they hunted him to shoot and later dumb him in the sea? It also gave an insight into the running of the Pakistani state. It was common knowledge that the ISI ran things around that country but now it looks like even they are not in control. The Americans can get in anywhere anytime, shoot anyone they like. Or is it that the ISI willingly gave Osama in? As they say he was too much of a liability without any productivity :). but this is not the end of terrorism or al-quieda, I can say for sure.

while all this was happening around the world, at work each employee was gifted a smiley ball (don’t knw what they meant by the gesture). As internet is blocked these days at office, the only time-pass is playing with the smiley.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Thursday, April 28, 2011

the monster

She dreamed the devil again that day. Its big fire spitting tongue curling around her waist.

It was more fiercful on the first day which was about a month ago. These days it seemed to fancy her. Its claws were like those of the lobsters, the big ones. The monster clawed on her arms, but its face showed a different emotion today. It didn’t want to hurt her . she felt it was saying “ there is no other way darling, I want to feel you, I need to know you, im sorry”.. Its grip around her waist loosened. It was coming towards her face.. the heat was unbearable and she awoke screaming , sweating..
The whole day she thought only about the monster, maybe it was not as cruel as she thought, maybe it didn’t intend to hurt her, maybe once she kisses it , it may turn into a prince.
She went to sleep hoping for the dream to return. That was unusual she thought. She was in love with the monster. The same visuals returned. But tonite she waited for its tongue to approach her face. She was determined to sleep through the unbearable heat.

The next day they found her dead covered in her sweat and blood.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Fashion or no fashion!!!

In one of my friend’s blog I saw this particular tag. It was nothing much attractive but after reading it, first I laughed out loudly and then felt pity on myself.

The tag contained a list of fashion items, must-havs for women and men. I didn’t care to go through the list for men as the women’s list got me exhausted and panting!!

The following was the list:

1. Little Black Dress (small things come in big packages. I cant afford the ‘little black dress’. No doubt I would look gorgeous in it)

2. Black Flats (I have that, the cheapest of them all)

3. Gold Hoop Earrings (it’s the eleventh commandment for a malayali,not just an earring but to own a whole gold mine)

4. Mac Waterproof Mascara .(I had to ask my colleague to understand what exactly is a mascara, since they wrote MAC, I thought they meant an apple PC)

5. A Black Clutch ( I have that , bought from chor bazaar for 100rs)

6. Sling Bag ( I have a sanjhi from my grandfather, does that count as a sling bag?)

7. Gucci /Hermes-Berkin/Chanel/Prada Bag (Gucci, chanel and prada, they are like my team lead, good at a distance but cant afford to have them near)

8. Light-Colored Cotton Saree ( my mothers wardrobe is open for me)

9. Summer Scarf ( ya ya I have that one)

10. Bright Colored Umbrella ( actually too bright, yellow)

11. A Red/Purple/Blue Handbag ( why doesn’t black count here)

12. Over-Sized T-Shirt ( too bad, I thought they were out-of-fashion and gave it to my maid)

13. Pencil Skirt (have pencil as well as a skirt)

14. Solid Wash Jeans (every beggar in the street has one )

15. Sexy Black/Red Stilettos (black, yahoooo)

16. Turquoise Stone Bangles (why should it be turquoise?, I have gold)

17. Ipod ( since everyone has one, I thought not to buy it )

18. Platform Shoes (what in the hell are those? The ones you wear only in railway stations?)

19. Sexy Swimsuit ( as a matter of fact I have a swimsuit which covers the entire body except the eyes, if that counts as sexy, then yes)

20. Toe Ring ( will definetly have one soon)

21. Tattoo ( that one is a long time wish, but in a confusion as to whose name shall I tattoo :-/)

22. Hot-Pants (do they warm these in ovens?)

23. Kajal (It’s a shame that I don’t have one)

24. Banarsee/Kanjivaram Saree (I have one)

25. White Salwar Kameez ( I have pleanty of those)

26. Classic Leather Belt ( I have a purple one)

27. Chanel/Hugo Boss/Dior/Ysl Perfume ( I use a humble dove deo)

28. Pearl Necklace ( not yet)

29. Body-Piercing ( my ears are pierced luckily!)

30. Platinum Band/Ring ( I have one)

So I turn out to be a fashion disaster!

Monday, March 28, 2011

sainaba's story..

Abdu had taken to weeds,.No, he was not a gardener, by profesion he was a butcher. He had a small shack which he used as his slaughter house,but now stray dogs sleep there.. He had found a new dealer, who sold grinded poppy leaves. After all poppy was abundant in Kabul. Its not like abdu was a gentlemen before the dealer came to town. His wife had taken to begging two years back itself. Their five kids included four girls. The eldest one was the most beautiful. The only one who had studied till fourth grade. She was sixteen now. Abdu cared only for her in the whole world.

One day the drug dealer stopped coming to his usual tea shop.The villagers thought Abdu had gone mad. He bet his wife uncontrollably. He threw all the pots and dishes outside. He thrashed the youngest one, the boy. He never hit his girls. He threw a big tantrum, he wept, he bit himself. After all this noise,when he was lying outside his hut his wife came out and told him, his eldest daughter had eloped. Sainaba had eloped with the drug dealer.

This news had a profound impact on abdu. He wept inconsolably.

He went to his shop , cleaned it, cut open his only remaining goat. He did not return home for two days. He worked in the carpenters shop for extra few shillings. He avoided speaking to everybody. The fifth day sainaba returned, with bruises and burns all over her body. Her long tresses now looked like a hen’s feathers. But she went missing again the next day. The villagers didn’t know what had happened to her. They also didn’t know that some among them had eaten a part of her for dinner. But abdu’s wife knew everything because among the left over meat in the shop, which abdu had bought home for the youngest boy was a small ear-ring which she recognized.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

To The prime minister, with not-so-much-of love...

Dear Mr.Prime Minister,

I am writing this letter with utmost sincerity to this nation as well as immense respect for you. I didn’t want to write this to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi since its your post which spells P.R.I.M.E Minister. I just googled and went through the resumes of well known personalities in politics , economics and some other fields. Not to flatter you, but I couldn’t find one which would match your exemplary CV. Sir, then why is it that you are keeping mum all the time. Even though you have very small eyes and you are aged, I suppose you can see whats going on around you. Dear sir, the so called dignitaries in your cabinet is looting and plundering this nation. Please do something. If you are not able to increase your kid like voice, then please ask your madam to do it for you. I have also heard that the unaccounted money in swiss banks of indans can pay off all the debts of this big nation. Is that true sir? If yes why don’t you atleast release their names? If your hands are tied , atleast we can hire somebody to pelt stones at them. Hope you saw the disaster in Japan. Are you planning to do something for the safety of our nuclear plants.? I also have one suggestion on the arms deal which you very fondly pursue. Even if we buy all the third rate arms and ammunitions from developed countries and become the number one consumer of nuclear products, do you really think we will win a war, incase it happens? Really sir, r u so optimistic?

Its true that you were born in present day Pakistan and you feel we are all part of a single brotherhood, but sir most of this nation do not think in similar lines. Its after a long time that someone who have passed college has taken the premier position of this country, we had high hopes in you. But you shouldn’t feel pressurized. Its us who should be blamed, how can one billion people pin their hopes on an old fragile Punjabi man.

I don’t think the sardarji jokes are completely false. Do you sir?


A citizen.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last night, sometime around ten o clock, I was in the bed getting ready to doze of, when I heard my other two roommate’s discussion.

Girl A : “I have decided the name for my kid., sidharth”

Girl B : “ that’s a good name”

So I stopped my effort to sleep and started thinking about the name. sidharth seems to be a nice name for a boy. I also want to keep that name for my kid. but then I thought if I keep that name for my kid, people will shorten it and call him sidhuu.. Oh no, I cant allow that to happen. A kid with the exact same name was my enemy at school. This guy studied at my school and failed a year, so his father changed him to a govt school. There he flourished and grew up to be a good ‘tapori’. He took revenge on me by having his friends call my name whenever they see me on the street. I informed my father but since I was in fourth or fifth standard, he cared less. So I decided to solve the matter myself. One day I got to see Sidhu’s father on the way back to school. I promptly went up to him and complained about Sidhuu and his group of twist-heads. After that I have not heard or seen sidhu. Later I came to know from my friends that his father send him to Aleppey to stay with his grandmother .!

So the name sidharth is out of question. Have to think of some innovative names.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

terrorist me :-X

So I hear if you are falsely accused as a terrorist and if ultimately proven to be an innocent lamb, you can get compensation money of up to 8 crores. Yes, it’s true.

Dr.Haneef, a Bangalore resident, who was wrongly detained in 2007 by Australian police on a terror charge, was found to be innocent after investigation of three years and finally compensated with a sum of Rs.8 crores. After reading about this news , I am seriously considering the above option to be a wealthy ‘single white female’ ;)

The worst that can happen is you will not be proven to be innocent and therefore taken to Guantanamo Bay for detention, made to eat shit and dumped in the ice cold North Pacific Ocean where you will be eaten by killer whales and your bones will get stuck in some coral reef and at last you will end up in the collection of some marine biologist.

I started thinking about innovative methods to fool everyone into thinking that I am a terrorist. The only idea which was coming to my mind was to drive a plane straight into a skyscraper. But for that I should know to drive a plane, so that plan was aborted. The next idea was to act like a suicide bomber. But this image of the bomb accidently getting blown off becos am poor in math and I didn’t calculate properly kept coming to my mind. So aborted that plan also. Befriend a random Muslim on the street and pledge him my support. That did not seem fair, all muslims are not terrorists. So aborted that plan also. Make some statements criticizing governments policy on Kashmir? Who in the world is waiting for me to make statements. Sigh! After all these useless thoughts I came up with an idea. I have prepared a blue print also. Here is how you execute them step by step..

1. Message a friend saying Pakistan was the one who actually won the Kargil war.

2. Use my neighbour , retired SP’s contacts to make somebody tap my phone.

3. eventually by seeing anti india comments on my messages, police will come to arrest me

4. investigations start on my alleged links with laksher-e-toiba

5. maybe I will have to stay in tihar jail for a few months.(nothing to panic there, I heard its actually fun there, what with video games and campus recruitments and stuff)

6. consult a lawyer and fix him to fight for my innocence(maybe 1 or 2 crores will be lost as his fees)

7. finally win the lawsuit and settle for an out of the court settlement with an undisclosed amount.

What say!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Sad, poor Indians!!

Why a revolution like in Egypt is not possible in India

1. By the time we get ready to overthrow one evil man, another one props up and we are confused!

2. those who step out wont reach decided spot on time due to traffic.

3. no place to accommodate all of us, those possible squares are also under redevelopment

4. even if we mobilize every1 somehow, at the last minute some states would want everyone to raise slogans in their language only.

5. CBI would start investigation and take another 50 years by which time we would be dead or in wheel chair!

6. atleast 50 among us would turn out to be suicide bombers.

7. all of us would want to take a break in between for the world cup and then the IPL.

8. Some evil men like B’glore CM, would perform witchcraft against us and all of us would turn into frogs.

9. a stampede occurs and we are all dead.

10. people just keep writing about these things in blogs and actually don’t do anything substantial about it!

(again inspired by the same worthless paper)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

The only important news that has cought my attention this week is , no not the Raja of corruption, but it’s Monalisa. She has been in news for all the wrong reasons. A new set of researchers has claimed to have found out the secrets behind Monalisa and her intriguing smile. For those ignorant there has been many theories running around on who was the actual monalisa, some say

1. davinci did a self portrait (he wanted to see himself as a female or what!!)
2. it was his secret lover , wife of a wealthy merchant

3. his own mother

4. just a model and etc etc..

But the new news is that monalsia was the gay lover of the painter . Duh!!!!
There falls the admiration :(  Arent these people annoying, why would they want to drop something out like this. Now everyone seems to be gay. Ya seriously, I was sort of ready to die for ricky martin, and then one fine morning he declares that he likes only men. And I’m almost sure that Karan Johar who has made immemorable romantic movies is one among them. Lets come back to our dear monalisa who is been sittng there with folded hands and a sly smile which says get the hell out of my sight u morons ,don’t you have any important work to do, go save the planet

So who is the dude , lucky one eh?

The head of the research team Mr.Vinceti says he is Gian Giacomo Caprotti -- aka Salai -- an apprentice and a longtime companion of Leonardo's. Caprotti worked with Leonardo for more than two decades starting in 1490.

I have nothing more to say. His life , his choice.   : |
Now you got what that enigmatic smile means right? :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Annie in black and ridhima in red :)

Me in the dark :(

So going out with friends can after all be fun. I had a superb Sunday with my roomies.

I am not known to have a cordial relation with my roommates, yes i am a saddist. Sigh!

But hey its no fault of mine. They should know the rules of sharing a room.

This time its different, I can say I have shedded of my childish immaturity a bit and made myself an affable roommate. (eyes blinking!) .So my roommate ridhima (who has become a dear friend in a short time) got engaged and it was her treat. We (that includes me,ridhima and anie) had planned our outing on Saturday but for these stupid morons called politicians, it was called off (it was a bandh ).

Sunday was a sunny bright day suited for a pleasant outing. First we went of to see a film in a multiplex. How did that cinema get into the category of multiplex is still a puzzle for me. Our poor theatres in kerala has a much better standard than that garbage strewn place. The film was like a sambar gone sour ( for those wondering, sambar is a south Indian dish) . But it was ages that I saw a film, so sat through the entire thing munching tiger biscuits. Yes you read it right, tiger biscuits indeed!! Ridhima had a packet in her handbag, and morever popcorns a pack costs 100rs. So after the film we went to a restaurant called Golconda chimney for lunch. I had mutton mughlai and steamed rice. Hmmm it was so yummy! (The photos are from there. ) eventhough the taste was superb food was served cold(pun intended!) .Ridhima even asked the server whether their oven was out of order. He stood their blinking his eyes not knowing what to say. After filling our stomachs to a point where it will burst, we started our journey for the most exciting event of the day, shoppingggggggggg.............

There was sale everywhere and it was a mad rush. We bought few things and returned at night. It didn’t get over there, we had a fashion show inside the room. It was fun to laugh and to be like a kid again :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Hope she doesnt feel any pain...

I sat there waiting, for my kid to return.

Tears filled my eyes.

Was it from staring at the empty swing or

Is it from the void forming inside my heart

There she comes, all happy and joyous..

What do I tell do I stop her from going to the neighbors’ home

I just want to scream out loud holding her tight

How do I tell her that her dad is gone

That she will have to colour all alone again

My hand shivers and trembles

A lump blocks my throat

She runs as she sees me putting her fragile hand acroos my shoulder

She kisses me on my cheeks, the baby smell still lingers on her breath

“mamma “ she cries “im hungry”

I had already prepared it, kept it ready

We would eat from the same plate, as always

But today I will have only one mouth to feed

I take her inside in my arms

I notice only today that she has become heavy,she is growing fast

I put her on the bed. She asks

“why on the bed mamma, we usually eat on the chair”

I replied. It was easy for us to lie down after dinner.

She said she wanted to play snake and ladder after

But there wont be any time left to play

I don’t know how long we will be awake

Many thoughts fly past my mind when I feed her

The day she was born, he was standing there holding her

Beside me when I opened my eyes.

I had feared that day,. Life cannot be so perfect

I feel she is drifting away or is it me

All I can feel now is her hand on my cheeks…

Even on the last moment I pray

Hope she doesn’t feel any pain.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Dolly and me :))

Yesterday we went to visit my colleagues newly born baby. Newly born in the sense, she is at least 6 months old. My colleague was in her native for delivery,mangalore and then she went to her husbands house at Hyderabad and now atlast settled back to her home in Bangalore. The house was on the first floor of a three floor building. Pretty small but as soon as u enter the drawing room you can feel the warmth of the home inviting u. I hav not been to my home for 2 months now and I was feeling homesick. Eventhough the house was pretty small it was very cosy and neat. Her name is Madavi, my colleague, but she has been more than my friend. She was sort of an elder sister to us gals (freshers) at office. Her daughter is named dhrithi. Name as beautiful as the baby. Dhrithi looks exactly like a doll and we named her dolly :P Seeing so many people at once, she looked stunned, moving her gaze in a slow motion from one person to another. She seemed hapy only when the shutterbags were clicking.

We totally didn’t expect madavi to prepare dinner for us ,with a baby around you will be on ur toes’. We played with dhrithi, ate a superb homemade pulav and curd rice. I was more overwhelmed when she bought in a rasagullah pack. She had remembered that I loved those and took extra effort to order it from the same shop where I like it. As we left the house at 9.00 pm , our hearts were filled with a joy that could not be explained in words. Seeing a baby so small and feeble and being in the warmth of a nicely made home, we were clearly excited. Nobody uttered a word on the way back home. Because everybody was thinking the same, about their home and knew that wherever we go and whatever change,.getting back to our own home after a hard days work cannot be replaced with anything.

Monday, January 10, 2011

For a better year..

I am not the kind that take resolutions every first of Jan. Because by the end of first week of the new year I not only forget to keep them but forget what the resolutions were. :P

But I have decided some pretty simple things that I need to change about myself in 2011.

2010 was a very happy year . I intend to keep 2011 also that way, but the start was not so great. So here goes my list of improvements for 2011

1. cry less. I definetly am running out of tears. Corollary: laugh more

2. whine less. It comes naturally for any gal, but in my case that ‘whine gland’ is in an overproduction drive.

3. puke less while traveling, and hence take less ‘avomin’ tablets. I hate to travel due to this one reason.

4. get less provoked. I cannot afford to get angry at anyone anywhere I like. Anger resides at the tip of my nose as they say.

5. everyday morning walk. Which I have already started as evident from my previous posts. Still Saturdays and Sundays are a strict no –no because I need to sleep till ten (my mom should not see this) and Monday mornings are reserved for temple.

6. grow my hair a little more. My mom was so pissed when I went home one fine day with a boy cut :P

7. I should use my phone more often. I need to call my friends and relatives more often.

8. read more. See less of sitcoms and movies .i have got to prepare a list this year also

9. Last but not the least save some money!!! Or less of shopping!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

'A walk to remember'

Yesterday while returning from office me and my friend decided to go for a walk. It’s a quite residential complex, where we stay as paying guests. There is a playground ,a park, some very beautiful houses with beautiful gardens. While we got tired of the leisurely walk, we decided to sit and pass away our time in one of the parks. This park doesn’t have much of plants or floweres, just some swings and such for children below 6 years. But ladies and gents come there very often for exercise and walk. It’s a pleasant feeling to sit there. It was 6 30 in the evening and due to the winter season it was pitch dark already. There were some old couples seated on the benches. So we also sat down on a bench. Started talking, moving from one silly subject to another. You know the way gals talk.:P

So after some 15 mins, one couple passed by us. The lady was carrying a handbag and the guy a laptop bag. It looked like they had returned from office for some quite romance. But after what seemed like one whole round of the park, they were crossing our place again. This repeated again. The third time they went past a few steps, came back to us asked “do u know how to unlock the gates”. Oh my god, I shouted out “ did they lock us inside and leave?” My friend and I panicked as if we were about to starve and die inside that park for the rest of our lives. As we started to make sure that we indeed were locked in, the couple went in the opposite direction telling themselves that the only way was to jump the fence. “WHAT!! Jump the fence eh? Damn, im wearing a salwar. Leave that, the fence was atleast 12 feet high and made of metal wires” Oh god I felt like my head was rolling. But surprisingly my friend was calm. She was wearing jeans and jumping a fence seemed to be a silly thing for her. She tells me later that as a child she never used the gate of her home, she used to jump the wall to get out !! 

So we checked , we double checked and triple checkd. The gate was certainly locked.

We turned to see what the other inmates were doing, the gal had already landed on the other side of the gate and the guy was preparing for the jump. We gathered our guts, looked around to make sure nobody was watching, and climbed on the wired fence. I still cannot believe we had to do this. Anyway it was an experience that wont be forgotten!!