Thursday, July 29, 2010

7 days of positivity (Day 4)

1. My colleague sagarika returned from hyderabad. She bought snacks, and i devoured on it like i was starving for days :)
2. Once again so happy to see a close friend after a week of 'judai..' :P
We share a good rapport on everything..
3. There was only one umbrella , and we both got completely drenched while returning back from office. As we were stepping out of the office gate, we saw our only direct bus passing by, i had to shout and run and i jumped over a wide-open ditch to stop the bus.Once inside he bus, we burst out giggling, the song that was playing inside the bus was ..'tip tip barsaa pani...panime...'
4. i bought chocolate jam to enjoy the rain completely :P , i finished half the bottle just yesterday alone
5. Saw a comedy film at night...

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