Thursday, December 23, 2010

A morning walk..

I couldn’t believe my eyes today morning. No, I hadn’t turned into a boy, even though that’s what I pray before going to sleep :P (I envy the boys for the freedom they have. this subject totally deserves a exclusive write up of its own) Bangalore was covered by fog, more appropriately smog. The visibility was restricted to maybe ten feet. I was surprised because even yesterday at nine in the morning when I started to office, the sun glared up from there so angrily. I have seen such kind of beautiful view only in north of India and it was already the end of December, I had almost given up expecting Bangalore to turn cold .

My life had got so mundane lately. I had to do something different, nothing too big, but a daily morning walk. Morning walks not like my fathers. His case is weird, weird in the sense, whatever happens he would get up by 5.30am and go for a walk. I don’t think he ever misses a walk except when he is in a plane. (In train he does go for a walk!!) .

So as determined as can be, I dragged myself up from bed by around 7 o clock. Yes I know that ‘eye of shame’ and the ‘mean look’. If you didn’t know 7 is supposedly the 5 for the younger generation :) . I wore my track suits, tied my hair in a high pony tail, put on my ear phones and started. (I still hadn’t bought a new shoes, so had to wear my costly puma ones! sigh!)

Pappu bhaiyya as usual provided the motivation talk while I stood at the gate hesitating. The fog was kinda scary, I was not able to see anything on the road. But I wouldn’t regret the decision ever. The feeling of walking alone on a quiet lane with trees dotting on both sides is exhilarating. My hands froze and mist started forming on my hair. It was a wonderful feeling. And I decided then, whatever happens today, I am not going to get irritated or frustrated. Forgiveness will be thy virtue today. I recommend a morning walk to everyone. It can lift up your spirits so high. But there are some living beings among us who are determined to get into our nerves. They may try to break us, but we need to be strong. Its almost lunch time now, and I need to hold it together for a few more hours. Oh damn, I didn’t know putting up a smile on your face was so darn difficult!


Rams said...

u went for a Walk on the coldest day in Bangalore!!!! Great, but in ur standards Wierd!!! Well I had similar experience, but was on Bike... Thanks to My Damn ML who wanted me to login at b4 7:15, i had to ride with only 10 feet visibilty. Hailing from a relatively warmer place, it was like riding a bike in a dreamland... It is great that u had experienced one of the awesomest day in bangalore on a Peaceful freezing EARLY MORNING WALK!!! Enjoy every moment...:) :) :)

Rajeesh said...

lovely :)