Wednesday, September 16, 2009

listen! hear everything that falls on your ear

filter all of it..

allow only the 'wanted' to reach your heart

comment only on the precious ones

but,keep it alive in your mind

silence is worthwhile everywhere

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

scare flu??

we keep getting forwarded mails at office.some rubbish but most ,informative.recently i got one about swine flu.its was not the regular one about the precautions and the safety fact it was a totally different one without the scary undernotes.even the beginning started unusually declaring that this forwarded mail is unedited and unverified by the sender.this in itself provoked me to read furter.after the usual introductions about the orgin and cause of this much hyped disease ,it went about like this...
that about 136 people have only died in the past year and a half from this disease worldwide.the particular virus that causes this flu can only survive at a temperature of 27 degrees or came as a surprise to me because pune's temperature at the peak of the disease scare was 33 degrees and higher.and from all the news channels and mails and hoardings, i had a feeling that atleast 100 people would have died in india fact most of the people who had died had other serious ailments before they caught the flu.the mail went on to say that the vaccines for the swine flu is patented by an US company and the stocks of the vaccines would get expired by next year.for a person the vaccine would cost 3000 what should we infer from all the scare that have been created in india..?it would all be explained by the profits that the vested interests would be making in the near future.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

i hold him close

to never let go

he is mine,my soul cries

u cant have him,they say

my heart weeps,bleeds...

there is no escape

all i can do is,behold..

i closed my eyes

to block a tear

and then he is gone..

Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, August 20, 2009


there are times when u feel u could have behaved a little better,that u could hav managed a smile somehow..U r frightened to turn back and look at ur past,all the treaden paths,some where the grass has still not grown back.u r afraid u might see something now that u had missed earlier.u feel like making a change in almost all the greyed out scenes.but alas! u cant and there strarts the difficulty,the itching in ur heart..

u become conscious while u walk thru the road alone,u have a nasty feeling inside that people are noticing u,the way u walk,the way u hav dressed and all such crap...u walk as if u dont care much,but wonder inside whether ur friends feel the same.after seeing an inspirational movie(which are very hard to come by these days) u decide on ur own that u r going to do something good and worthy for urself and for the country but u stay short of telling ur friends becos u know that they r not going to take u seriously and neither are u.u realise that the job u r doing is nowhere of wat u had thought about.u get heartbroken when u realise someday that the ones u thought were friends were more selfish than u.and then u tend up to call those old comrades whom u had comfortably forgotten for the new ones.sometimes ,very rarely, u stare out through ur window and think about ur parents,and of how lucky u r to b blessed with them..a tear rolls down ur cheek.u understand that everything else u have gained stands so small when compared with the love u ' earned' from ur mom.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

behold it whatever may come..
that true love is what truimphs at last
you may be hated by most
but see to it that you love them the most

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

these days the way is leading to spirituality...

ofcourse the paths are strewn with rocks and litter but have to reach the destination.

the destination of self u think god has been partial?good to some and bad to others.yes i too think so.but there would be some reason for that right?if i knew that he was taking a test,i would have worked hard to pass..... atleast copied from my neighbour..but he gives a surprise test na....i admit he does everything with a good intention,but wat the hell did he think when he created me?he would be sitting at the top plush sofa and watching me rght now as i scribble these nonsences."wat the f#@K is wrong with this idiot"he jus thought now...he he like i care!!

would he mind if i write something bad about him?or will he bless me with something good if i praise him a little....

Friday, May 15, 2009

project at last

the interview results the back to office,to work,

Sunday, May 10, 2009

got to spend 9 hrs in office now on.had a project interview yesterday,dont know whether i will get it or not.hav a slight fever today.,,may b its sinus

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

life in bench or life in bangalore

now im in the it hub of the world,the bangalore city,.
i didnt find it attractive at all.trivandrum is a much better place to live in.
i try to find happiness within myself.i realise that there r more graver problems on this planet.
presently no work in office,just sitting at home,..