Sunday, June 20, 2010

This time the shopaholic really faced the heat :) My friend had come down to Bangalore from Mumbai for her job training. She is one of my dearest and closest of friends and also the unfortunate one because she has to keep all my secrets. Her name is monica and she is newly married. She just got returned from her honeymoon in Maldives..
So since as a best friend I couldn’t attend her marriage, which was in Mumbai, I thought of showering her with presents today. We both decided to meet up in a nearby mall. I took her inside and asked her to buy anything of her choice and told her that, it will be on me. She took some dresses. I was not behind myself..I also took some dresses. We spend almost 3 to 4 hours trying on and selecting our clothing.Atlast,the time came to bill everything.
I extended my credit card to the person behind the counter.
Never has a beep sound made me so embarrassed.. ‘CARD DECLINED’ ,it read in bold letters. I asked them to try it again.Again the damn machine gave the same message.My friend enquired, under what circumstances would it behave this way.The salesman gave his prompt reply , ‘only under insufficient funds’. The color drained from my face. Yesterday I saw that there was 13000 rs on my account and how come this? Somebody got my account number and password . And they have stolen all my money.(OMG)
And you wouldn’t believe there was no ATM machine on that big building nor anywhere nearby.(Bangalore is a metropolitan city. duh! ) Atlast my friend had to pay for her dresses as well as my dresses. But hey I am going to return it ok..
While my way back home,I got into an ATM and checked my balance.It said, 1300 rs only. Am i blind or plain stupid !!!

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