Sunday, June 13, 2010

Don’t panic.Just swallow the urge.yes..thats all..just move on..
But that levi strauss top was so trendy .And there doesn’t seem to be more than a piece of it also..I think I am turning into a shopaholic.(mouth-open expression).I want a piece of everything in the shop,but that applies only to clothes.Pink is my weakness.
Tops,sweaters,jeans,pull overs and everything..And to tempt me into turning into a ‘full time shopaholic’ malls are sprouting up everywhere in banglore,just like mushrooms in kerala after a rain.
Have anyone seen the film ‘confessions of a shopaholic’, it’s a must watch for girls like me.The book series is also hilarious.
So me and my friend decided one fine day (after spending a fortune in shopping that day) that we both wouldn’t even turn to look at a mall,let alone shop. But you guessed it right, it didn’t even extent for a week.By the time she went to visit her parents in Hyderabad,I had already visited two malls.
But cant blame me also,I’m just a little red riding hood and the shop keepers are like the wolves dressed in the form of a grandma,luring me with offers all the time.During winters,it’s the winter sale,during summers,you have the summer sale,mothers day specials, valentines day special.,end of season sale,Gandhi jayanthi special and so on..
If a piece of cloth costs 400 Rs,during an offer period it costs 800 with a 50 % discount. Oh My God, a flat 50% discount sale,how can I miss it.And fools like me get attracted to the models placed in front of the shop also.They are in perfect shape ,so obviously any dress would look superb in them, can that be the case with me , with misplaced bulges here and there.?:)
The ill-fated day is not far,when I will turn bankrupt because of this shopping spree.


Krish said...

And nw as a plum on the cream your new "N 97".. :P

Life Begins said...

:) Tha was one hilarious post that can very well become a chapter in shopoholics series.
I have read the book(s) bt not seen the movie.
Your writing is so refreshing :)

sruthy said...

hey soo.....god bless thy soul.....:P... y sound like the heroin from that movie.....but loved this much more than how much i loved her...;)
btw never read any from that series...get one for me...plzzzzzzz