Thursday, August 27, 2015

She expected great things to happen to her
So when the storm came
She hid her straw hats
Because she knew she had to be prepared
sunny days were not that far off

Friday, July 24, 2015

Toronto, japan, moscow, delhi
My darling, you can be in all these places
You just have to bring your mind around it
That one thought holding you back.
Break the barriers, destroy the walls,
Peep out through the curtains
Let your hair down, put on some sunscreen
Set some loud music on your phone
And most importantly, wear that amazing smile
Of yours over that bright red lipstick
Now you are ready, prepared to take on the world

Kick the shit out of some wild grass and discover the truth

Thursday, July 16, 2015

He came , he conquered
Her mind, body and soul
He broke down the walls
And lit up her life
He sang lullaby’s and mended her hair
His smile enlightened her life
He promised to walk with her
Hold her hands and wipe her tears
He ensured that with him by her side
She would calm down, dare and be kind all at once
She would be indebted to him
For her life, for showing her
The glory of her own being..

on my sweethearts bday :)

There was once a sweet girl
Sweet or sour was still a dispute
She was lost all the time
Lost in her thoughts and her ways
She was desperate to live a
Happy life, a fulfilling one at that

When she least expected
Came the prince charming
With flowing black mane and the roughest looks
He was no tom cruise or brad pitt
Rather was Dalai Lama fitted into Shivaji the great

The sweet and sour girl was lifted off her feet
Into his high riding horse
Everyone may think they rode into the sunset
And lived happily ever after.
But that’s not the case, that’s never the case

They struggled among all odds
To keep the fire glowing, for their love
For eternity , till the end of time

They fight, they hug and they makeout
They scream, shout but has to lie on each others arms at night
They still hold their hands and walk
Side by side, in life and love

They are the cynosure of many eyes
And the reason for many a heartbreaks ;)
Everyone envies them but secretly wants to BE them

At last the sweet and sour girl became
A little too sweet and a little less sour
Prince charming always remained

The sweetheart of every beating heart!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


She often has that look
Sharp but blunt, broken but stitched together

Eyes that often tell stories
Of nights, of wet pillows and muffled sobs

With a feeling, that everything slips
Right between her fingers

An ache spreading beyond her heart
Words failing to express what the lips murmur

Putting on her kajal and mascara
Hiding the dark circles around the light blue eyes

Mindful of the scars

On her mind and her soul..

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An orange hue
On the banks of the Ganges
Across it the saffron blew
Swaying in the wind, lonesome

On a pole high up the mountain

Monday, July 13, 2015

some things..

Some smiles that never fade
Some hands that never let go
Some looks that spreads love
Some gestures that resonate forever
Some talks that are never forgotten
Some company that instills warmth

Some smell that reminds you of the old charm