Tuesday, July 27, 2010

7 days of positivity (day 2)

Today was not such a happy day, infact it was a depressing one. To add to that it rained suddenly in the evening spoiling our shopping plans :)
But i can still comb through todays happenings and find out a few things which atleast hinted towards happiness.
1. The morning tea i made was superb, which is really a good way to kick start office ..
the tea break is a way of culture :D
2. My wall photo of two buffalloes in facebook got 18 comments ( more than half of that is mine ;P )
3. One of my colleagues who was behaving a bit indifferently for the past few days became normal today . he he, good for him,, :)
4. I met one of my closest friend Sankho after a long time today. ( and we gossiped about our another friend Venkatesan :P )
5. My roommate bought pepper chicken for dinner . ( isnt she adorable :P )

1 comment:

sruthy said...

i am doubtful about the first one..."tell me you make good tea"