Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Everytime I fight with u
I love u more for forgiving me
Each time I shout at u
I promise myself never to hurt u again
But baby, its becos every moment
I want more and more of you
You can rough me up for that
But I cant help myself sweetheart
I love you
And I cant be blamed for that
U r sweet enuf that
Even honey can fall in love with you.
But listen, look here u idiot
The next time u shoot that innocent
Eyes at me, mind you
I m gonna kiss you wildly.
And my dear,
If I fight again, jus come closer
give me a tight hug
and all will be well
love will be divine once again..

1 comment:

Navaneeth Sen said...

Jst knw tht I really love you,
but I was damn sad when i knew,
you love someone else.
Whenever I see you I feel i will miss you,
Oh, dear! just come close and hear what my heart yells.

Even though you are right in my way,
I think that distance is far to look,
Just becoz you want me to stay away,
and that makes me sit and cry in a nook.

Babe.. I just want to hear "I love you"..
I hear it in my mind, but not so clear,
Is it just a dream??, and thats my only fear,
Just becoz you love someone else..

he..hee.. was just a comment..(:-p)