Thursday, October 21, 2010

My friend's cake.. :)

Today was a nice day in particular. My hostel mate bought a nice homemade cake for us. She was planning to visit vaishnodevi temple in Jammu, strict vegan. And we got lucky! So how come she give me her cake and she is still not in my facebook friends list? It may sound a liitle appalling but the truth is ,for this generation, it’s a bit offensive if we don’t find a place in the friends list of our ‘friends’ or our friends’s friends or even ‘friends’ whom we we havent even met yet! Thus I decided to add her and searched for her in FB, but it seems she has done ‘something’ that her name wont get listed in the search results. That’s a new news! So she bought in her lappy to add me from her account. And what a beauty it was , an HP notebook, light blue, weightless and so handy. It was really so cute. So the facebook ritual got over. Then we stumbled upon her 6 months old neices’s photo. The baby was even cuter. She had such a curly hair, if it was a bit more long it would be really difficult to find out incase a fly got in.

Then she showed us her paintings. she was an expert in the art specifically called as the Tanjore painting. It was mostly made on devotional icons with gold foils and jewellary and lot of other stuff. Whatever be the stuff, she is just so talented. She says one of her paintings got sold for 5000 rs. She has done exhibitions too. She didn’t look like one who has done an exhibition. If it was me, I would be walking around bragging about my skills. Believe me, I can be a bitchy self-indulger.;)

More on Facebook trivias later.. ;)


raj said...
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raj said...

glad that u r makin new friends..but i suggest u, not to rite abt ur frns..u kno, it creates curiosity n curiosity may kill the cat :P jus kiddin :)