Thursday, April 29, 2010

guru devo bhava!

If u ask me, as a student the greatest blessing I had was in the form of my teachers.There is this one particular teacher that I admire the most. She was our English teacher,,she was an inspiration to all of us.She had this aura around her,that commanded the respect of the students without asking. She had a different method of teaching, the classes were very interactive and im sure none of her students would ever feel anything called a stage-fright.
She was not only our favourite teacher but our style icon too.She had this short stylish hairstyle and superbly stylish accessories and an even more stylish attitude (that was only a very positive one).
Whatever school u go to and however hard you study ,it’s the teachers that mould your character which I believe is the major part of education. Mugging up whats in the syllabus will not help at all, you have to have the spirit to learn. We should learn to learn and for that you need to have the right guidance from the right people., especially in a household where both parents are working .
In contrast to our English teacher we had a maths teacher. He ,yes he is a HE, abhorred me like anything. Utter detest would be the exact word he felt for me. Now guys, haven’t u wondered why im such a dumb ass when it comes to even simple calculations..
He wouldn’t allow me to even ask any doubts, needless to say I was a nuisance, I admit it here!!
He once asked me to bring my mom to school the next day. I obeyed,. what else can a helpless lamb do?:) My mom came and he gave his predicament. “Its difficult to teach your daughter, she asks too many doubts, I cant concentrate on teaching” (it’s a true incident)
You had to see the perplexed face of my mother. Is my daughter a hindrance for the working of a school! &*#? !
Last Word:: atlast maths became French for me and English became my favourite subject.
I guess French is more familiar to me!!


Rams said...

Comment allez vous?
Yeah well said on the role of ur Teachers shaping the one who u r now!!!
Très Bien!!! Awaiting for more blogs.

sruthy said...

hey......true words....
nothing as motivating and encouraging in this world as a real mentor.................
hats off to those true spirits.....