Saturday, May 30, 2015

"All the worlds a stage" - indeed
Did the great poet think
that one day the drama in our lives
would outshine the stage?

some people live for love
while others die without it
a void remains where love once stood
and hatred now walks around it

try, try and save the world
see the glum in our eyes
look at the hatred we are brewing
realise the happiness we can share!!

i will smother thee with kisses
run my hand behind ur neck
that soft spot behind ur ear
oh, so tender..

you need to close your eyes though
i am seemingly shy,
a little bothered

all the love in the world
and all the worlds sugarlumps
rests in your lips, those soft blossoms

touch me here and touch me there
but not where the tickles would tremble me :)
A thousand colors on my wings,
and a thousand dreams on my eyes, 
I know not whether i will see tomorrow,
But I whisper to each flower ....
make the most of what is Today.

i aim for the stars
i land on the clouds
i am still happy!

i stroll up the ladder
i slip midway
i can still make it up!

i smile, i wink
i get a stare in return
i dont give a damn!

i dream, i gossip
i make my friends join in
i have a blast!

i fear the future
i brood over the past
i still believe in myself!

i am i , accept it or not
i have my wings spread out
you better watch out, here i come!!!!
Never give up, Believe in yourself
There is no use blaming others
Fate, that’s just a convenient excuse
You become as good as your thoughts
Your looks are as great as your beliefs
Difficulties are just like bumbs on the road
You need to slow it first and then accelerate
There will be many frogs in the well
Pulling you down as hard as they can
A hard boot kick would do the trick
Never complain of your loneliness or your luck
Both are the results of your own acts
Own it. There lies your dignity
Be prudent and be sensible -
of what comes out of your mouth
and also what goes inside it
Health as they say is a wealth that we cannot do without
And you would already know of all those sh**
about words being arrows and blah blah blah
Pain comes and pain goes
what stands test is your endurance
Be brave and be strong
In every corner lurks a shadow, so be agile too
But most of all be wise
Wise enough to fight back every single time
Wise enough to shut up when you are wrong
Rise up, then you wil win, you wil conquer
yourself and the world.
what this world needs now is a different kind of freedom
Freedom to love all
Freedom to smile always
Freedom to show pain
Freedom to vent anger
Freedom to trust yourself
Freedom to take a chance
Freedom to stop at any path
Freedom to hug a stranger
Freedom to talk your mind
Freedom to play on the sands
Freedom to sing with the breeze
Freedom to dance with the flower
Freedom to think
Freedom to pause,
Freedom to say NO
Freedom to be me.
Freedom for my soul

Laugh out loud
Give a hug everyday
Love unconditionally
Kiss passionately 
Cry secretly
Earn enough
Spend wisely
Call your mother
Facebook daily
Go for a walk
Travel to new places
Smile at strangers
Admire the rain
Smell the flowers
Pray to keep faith alive
Believe in luck
But do hardwork
Have a pet
And Live life each day
i loved u
like the venus on her knees towards the sun
too near too hot
burnt at last

when i think of u
all i want to pour out
is poems and lullabies
love and memories can wait

that mad chaotic rush
me with a brain freeze
staring into u
as if i will cut right through u

the wild heart of urs
and the life less gaze
 the pout on ur lips tell a thousand stories
all letting me cross that line , heedless, pointless

everyone said words have the power to change us.
but you glazed on, glum and mute
did you have a lot to say that you didnt know where to begin?

as you say, we could part ways
but before that,
we could go to the beach
i can bury all our memories in the sand
it will lay hidden for eternity
our love immortalised