Saturday, August 14, 2010


Its our independence day again. Our country got its freedom long back but still the cobwebs of colonization exists eventhough the spider has left long ago. We still follow many a thing in a westernized form,sometimes its good but all the time and everywhere? The problem is they had left causing a slight fracture to our country’s very backbone, the unity factor, which is getting worser year after year.

But I have a different thought about freedom as an individual

Freedom to love all
Freedom to smile always
Freedom to show pain
Freedom to vent anger

Freedom to trust yourself
Freedom to take a chance
Freedom to stop at any path
Freedom to hug a stranger

Freedom to talk your mind
Freedom to play on the sands
Freedom to sing with the breeze
Freedom to dance with the flower

Freedom to think
Freedom to pause,
Freedom to say NO
Freedom to be me.
Freedom for my soul.

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Rams said...

This is right out from the mind.. Nice One...