Friday, May 27, 2011


This is the reason why we went to Kerala..:)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

our coupe' ;)

Friday evening me and ridhima rushed to catch the train to Trivandrum. Eventhough I have traveled in trains numerous times, it somehow freaks me out to travel by myself (without parents :P). After much confusion and hullaballoo we caught the train just five mins before it started. Ridhima says that’s the earliest she has caught a train in her life. In the compartment , apart from two of us there was an old man in a safari suit ,and a newly married couple on honeymoon. Everyone got setlled and started that awkward smiles and intro’s. Suddenly some 5 men came all of a sudden and asked us move to a corner and occupied the seats. Old man in the safari suit told them it’s a reserved compartemt, and that they are not supposed to sit here. They replied that they were railway employees and would get down in the next stop. Next stop was salem after Bangalore city. But since they were railways own employees, they had requested the driver of that long vehicle to stop at dharmagiri where they wanted to get down. It took almost one hour to reach their special stop. And in that time span one of the railway employee, lets call him Mr.Smarty pants, had let us known how smart he was and had received all our wrath.

The first incident: our safari suit uncle who was sitting by the window took out a sharp blade and started cutting his nails.( What the hell, was he out of his mind). The wind was blowing in so heavily, and as soon as everyone mustered courage to tell him to stop, one of his dirty cut nail, flew into our honeymoon brides kohl filled eyes. Her husband tried frantically to blow air into her eyes to take it out. It was certainly a sweet moment to watch but always there will be ‘kabab mein haddi’. Our smarty pants jumped between them and started blowing air into the brides eyes. Her husband’s face turned all red and he pushed him back into his seat. Me and ridhima burst out laughing. The lady then went to washroom.

Second incident: ridhima took out her Sudoku book and prepared herself for a challenging game.  No sooner had she kept the page opened in her lap, the smarty pants  started calling out the numbers. To our disbelief it all turned out to be correct. (so he was an intelligent idiot). Within 2 mins he had filled up half the game. Ridhima ran out of patience. She stared right into his face and asked. I didn’t bring the game for your timepass. He didn’t venture to talk to her again.

Third incident: one ‘vada chutney’ vendor passed our seats, and smarty pants uncle stopped him. He ordered a plate of vada and chutney for all of us. Me and ridhima politely refused. He then asked safari suit uncle to pay for it. Safari suit uncle muttered something under his breath and paid quietly.

There were so many other silly incidents too afterwards until they got down in their ‘special stop’. J

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

too much news in a week..

So much news in one week. Huh..Oh my god, I cant take in all that. First the royal wedding, then the missing CM, and finally the dead Osama.

The royal wedding was such a lovely nice affair. Ofcourse from where I saw it (the tv!). They really seemed so genuinely in love. Kate’s gown was superb, when I see such weddings, I wish I have a Christian wedding. Some say the prince looked handsome, but I don’t agree to that.. he is bald and fat . And its bad that he has to wear the official attire for his wedding. If anyone had noticed, its almost like a fairy tale, the tales which we used to read in our childhood days. The prince falling in love with a commoner, the middle class girl becoming the princess. But it didn’t happen overnight. I read somewhere that the marriage culminated after a eight year long affair. That’s a lot of patience gal!!

The missing cm is still missing when I write this. Whatever the hell happened to him. Nobody cares about the poor old man. The same situation happened I think a year ago, when the Andhra Pradesh CM took off in a helicopter in bad weather. He too went missing for some days and was later found dead. That time it had created quite a stir, but this time the news itself has been killed by the osama killing.

Dead or alive this man is always in news. But we want proof. How can the president call a press conference and announce that they have killed the most-wanted-man. At least a genuine photo? He says they dumped him in the Arabian sea. What nonsense! All these years they hunted him to shoot and later dumb him in the sea? It also gave an insight into the running of the Pakistani state. It was common knowledge that the ISI ran things around that country but now it looks like even they are not in control. The Americans can get in anywhere anytime, shoot anyone they like. Or is it that the ISI willingly gave Osama in? As they say he was too much of a liability without any productivity :). but this is not the end of terrorism or al-quieda, I can say for sure.

while all this was happening around the world, at work each employee was gifted a smiley ball (don’t knw what they meant by the gesture). As internet is blocked these days at office, the only time-pass is playing with the smiley.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011