Monday, July 26, 2010

5 positive things that happened to me today...:) (day 1)

I read it in and about

a week of positivity, but since i couldnt follow it then i post mine for today alone here..
1. Felt great to see my roommate after 4 long days
2. Got to gossip about our next door mate to her, which felt even greater, ! really !!
3. Pappu Bhaiyya made a wonderful breakfast of dosa and chutney which tasted like heaven
4. Had a small fight with a very close friend, which is obviously not the ‘best’ part, but what follows it…:)…all the sorry’s and cuddling .. :D
5. Got to study something new at office, which wont feel great at the beginning , but is so satisfying at the end.


sruthy said...

ah...the 5 things that made me happy..... stuck with a new song early morning... elating my spirit everytime i press the repeat button....;) drpooed me to the bus no running behind bus shoutin..."chettaaaaa stoooop" :P
3.yippeeee mathematics lecturer on leave..............(cant bare his unmodulated sound...)
4.industrial visit aka tour all set....weeks of work on it.... really lookinf forward...
5.had a pleasant chat with ma chweet sister....:):)
hm.......seems like a perfect day....

Life Begins said...

That was a nice list. Fights and sorry's afterwards are great :)
Keep writing!!