Thursday, November 25, 2010

This happened almost a year back when my friend was newly married. Since they stayed nearby, I used to visit her often.

After a few of such visits I noticed that their house was notably silent always and her husband was conspicuously absent all the time. I once brought up the courage to ask her whether everything was fine in her married life. The ‘just married’ tag was still hanging , I mean the mehendi in her hands had not faded.

She told me everything was fine in a way which I felt was to provoke me to cajole her into revealing something. But I let it go. As days passed and it became almost 6 months after her marriage, she decided to open up to me. Hers was an arranged marriage , which was ‘arranged’ and done within 2 months of her meeting her present husband. They never got time to know each other, their parents were sure that since their horoscope matched, both of them will be very happy with each other. But things were different. She said to me, she was not able to mentally share her space with a stranger who has suddenly become her better-half. She said she wasn’t feeling secure with him (they had relocated to Trivandrum away from her parents and relatives due to his job). I asked what security she meant, was it financially?

She explained she never had felt insecure when she was with her father, and she believed that nothing can hurt her if her father was around, but with her husband, she always felt that she should be vigil, like while she was in their car with him on the wheels,, she was scared..

This conversation always lingered on my mind because even I believed that nothing can hurt me when I am with my father.

I am so proud of my father, and I feel extremely happy when somebody says, I am a Xerox of my father. There may be many shortcomings to him, but from where I see, he is perfect.

My grandma used to say, my father always wanted a son, but he got two daughters. And he did bring us up like his sons with all of that freedom and the spirit.I remember one day he telling to my mom’s sister, holding our hands, that we were his only assets.

Anything I wish, he is always ready to fulfill it. If the wish isn’t reasonable, 2 days of brooding and not talking to him would get him to do it for me. Eventhough I make sure that consciously I don’t do anything to disappoint him, somethings just happen.But I make sure that I apologise and make up for it.

As the eldest child of the house, he has always given me that importance, whether its my opinion on which car to buy next or which color shirt suits him the most. And I am definetly honored by that.

My daddy the bestest and the strongest..
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pictorial representation to support my previous post. copied from a friends Facebook, he he ;)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Venus and mars

If men and women are meant to be together, why would god create them so totally different.
Ya I know opposites do attract but that works only for magnets, for gods sake!!

The one on whom we feel attracted, doesn’t even bother to say a hi and the one who seems to be attracted to us is good for nothing :)

The other day I was having lunch with my colleagues, we were two girls and three boys. A lady with oodles and oodles of attitude walked past us to occupy the next table, poker straight hair, kajal like somebody has hit and blackened her eye , heels that were thinner than needle. Me and the othr girl looked at each other for jus 2 secs, and thoughts were exchanged. If those thoughts were to be written down , it would make for three pages atleast. In short we said, ‘such a show off’. But you can guess how the boys reacted to this, what followed was a murmuring among themselves which lasted for ten minutes . God knows what dirty things transpired between them. Anyway one thing was evident they ‘liked’ her!!

Some men are simply not able to understand the meaning of the word friends. If we say we can only be friends , that seems to put them into a stalking-mode. they should be happy that we didn’t make them brothers.

We are always ready to be friends-with super stylish boys with gelled hair and fast bikes, but if we decide to be serious we want to settle down with a home-attached guy with not-so-bad hair and not-so-fast bikes :P. but The guys don’t seem to get it I guess..

Another irritating aspect in men irrespective of their age is that all of them hate shopping (the exception maybe the gay lot in them). As a proclaimed shopaholic myself, I wouldn’t risk the chance of shopping by going out with my father also. They enter the shop, go through may be two or three things, decide to buy the fourth one which was lying nearby and leave the shop. They still prefer to stay away from the art of bargaining. (They maybe macho guys but are actually scared to bargain: P)

I have never understood their obsession with games. Most of them go on and on about their video games. Then to add to their plates, now there is the IPL, soccer worldcup etc But I noticed that they were not at all interested on the common wealth games or how much medals India got ,.but they knew that cricket has been decided to be included for the next common wealth games onwards.

We always tell them to say the truth, but common guys there are certain ugly ones which you can avoid, .for example how healthy we look (ahem,,ahem..), or maybe for one day our dress is not good, etc

Lastly , guys are always happy creatures, even if by any chance they are sad, (just hypothetical), nobody ever knows, they don’t cry! So what ,..they will die of heartattack anyway..