Sunday, March 28, 2010

Standing next to you

i feel i have the world on my own

I wish and i hope everyday

that i wake up to your warm breath in my neck

i love the way you look at me, the

way your eyes tell me that "I love you"

with that one touch of yours, a

thousand butterflies fiy in my stomach

I know you would frown when you hear this

but i secretly wish to wrap u around my fingers :)      all the time :)

So by now i think you know that

I have fallen for you, But.....

As you lie in my lap and i run my hand

through your hair..

with an ocean of tears in my eyes, drop by drop

rolling down my cheeks

I realise, i cant have you on my own forever......

But the love you gave, will be cherished

for a life time....

One thing i know for sure

these are the most wonderful days of my life

And my heaven is definetly in your arms.

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