Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How a rich country became poor and may become poorer

The country has turned 63, pretty young age for a nation. Still a kid? I think so.. because its so immature in many ways.
To boast around, we have a superbly talented Prime minister to compensate for all the fifth grade pass outs in parliament. But to tell the truth, he is too cool, too cool in not a good way. He lacks a certain kind of high-spirit required to run a country. I feel we need someone like Sarkozy, the French president with his flamboyant ways but minus his carelessness and waywardness :-).
Somebody who can be strict, like a school head master capable of running around with a stick to make the pupil obedient.
Otherwise this country will spiral downward from a ‘developing nation’ to a ‘in-the-path-of self-destruction nation’.
There should be someone at the helm who is less scared to take bolder decisions. Enough power to get things done faster.
Where else will we find a mass murder investigation going on for more that ten years ,(the Gujarat riots). A scam of cricket tournament worth millions made headlines for a couple of days , now Modi is planning to conduct similar experiments in other countries. A country where a cabinet minister has been trialed and convicted for murder(shibu soren). If we look at the normal way of things, a country of our size must have already hosted the Olympics and the CWG many times. But a single Common Wealth Games is going to put us all to shame ( we can either pray like manishanker aiyer for the rains to spoil it before we do it ourselves or lets call it off before its too late). Which other country’s citizens will tolerate a corruption on toilet paper. Common, was there nothing left to squeeze money out that they had to do it on toilet papers.OMG!!
Hosting a Games of so big a magnitude without even a clear cut plan , I can only see it as a desperate attempt of a wannabe country. Whom are we fooling , ourselves.?
Both china and India started their growth around the same time, at present, its not even decent to compare them.
The only thing that’s meritious, is our so called democracy and the freedom of the individual.
There are about a billion individuals in this great nation of ours,
If each of us make an effort, will it go unheeded? More than half of the population is below forty, which is an advantage no other country enjoys. Lets take advantage of that and make a great nation out of india, together!!

jai hind

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sruthy said...

loved it...well informed abt things happening around....its really heart warming to see youngsters keeping an interst on the nations being which for otherwise is the most ignored topic........ hope it rings bell in atleast a few heads... bravo sis!!!