Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ten ‘not so usual’ things that I don’t like

1. sometimes I like doing ‘something’ in the kitchen, like preparing a dish :) , but I hate washing the vessels after that :)
2. I hate when somebody while reading something in the computer screen, keeps on clicking on the screen with their mouse :P
3. I really feel angry when I see more than two missed calls in my mobile, from the same person (mostly within a gap of 5 minutes :))
4. I feel pissed off when somebody doesn’t reply to my text message
5. I really don’t like it when my hair starts to curl up at the end of the day inspite of me trying all means to keep it from curling.
6. I feel so frustrated when pappu bhaiyya (the acclaimed cook of my hostel) includes potato in all dishes including maggi, day after day.
7. I feel like hanging myself when I ask my sister to keep her room clean and she replies ‘go mind your business’ :(
8. Sometimes I plan to go out at ten in the morning,but I loiter around a bit and when at four in the evening, I step out ..bang! It rains in bangalore like its chirapunji.
9. Carrying the plate of lunch and walking the entire canteen space looking for a vacant chair is more of an embarassment.
10. Some shameless sleazebags gloat over anyone and everything particularly for no reason at all.

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