Friday, July 30, 2010

7 days of positivity (Day 5)

1. Started on a new book morning itself "The immortals of meluha".
Reading a book is simply satisfying and definetly positive :)
2. Its Friday and following is the weekend. Fridays' are always beautiful. Friday is my favourite day of the week, it is expected to be positive :P
3. Me and Sagarika went for shopping. Shopping is like a healing process :D
I bought a stylish belt, purple colour. I am so happy about that :P
4. We also ate 'pani puri' after shopping, it was mouth watering. Such kind of small things always brings a smile to everyones face.
5. Tried on my new belt with all my jeans, had a catwalk(my normal walk is like a duck's walk, think how i would do a 'cat' walk ) session in the room with my friends applauding, it was overall a great day, fridays are meant to be like that :)

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