Thursday, August 18, 2011

anna hazare

So whats with our government? Has it not done enough already to paint its face black?. to tell the truth im already tired of watching news channels blaring about Mr. Anna. nothing substantial is coming out of all his fasts and ramdevs out of the world yoga poses. All these tamasha and hullabaloo is for getting the jan lokpal bill passed in the parliament right? there is no immediate change or any drastic sort of change ushered in. there are so many bills passed in this country which dont see the light of the day.the law will always exist but who implements it completely?. So does the jan lokpal committe believe that once the bill is passed, the job is done?
i believe these kind of movements and drive against corruption must be for some immediate and drastic change. Just like the ones that happened in egypt.why not fast and strike against the government for punishing the people ruling this country who are such shameless buggers, immediate action against those found culprit


Harman said...

Good one!
shameless buggers...Bunch of idiots

soorya said...

thanks Harman !!