Monday, January 10, 2011

For a better year..

I am not the kind that take resolutions every first of Jan. Because by the end of first week of the new year I not only forget to keep them but forget what the resolutions were. :P

But I have decided some pretty simple things that I need to change about myself in 2011.

2010 was a very happy year . I intend to keep 2011 also that way, but the start was not so great. So here goes my list of improvements for 2011

1. cry less. I definetly am running out of tears. Corollary: laugh more

2. whine less. It comes naturally for any gal, but in my case that ‘whine gland’ is in an overproduction drive.

3. puke less while traveling, and hence take less ‘avomin’ tablets. I hate to travel due to this one reason.

4. get less provoked. I cannot afford to get angry at anyone anywhere I like. Anger resides at the tip of my nose as they say.

5. everyday morning walk. Which I have already started as evident from my previous posts. Still Saturdays and Sundays are a strict no –no because I need to sleep till ten (my mom should not see this) and Monday mornings are reserved for temple.

6. grow my hair a little more. My mom was so pissed when I went home one fine day with a boy cut :P

7. I should use my phone more often. I need to call my friends and relatives more often.

8. read more. See less of sitcoms and movies .i have got to prepare a list this year also

9. Last but not the least save some money!!! Or less of shopping!


Harman said...

all are good..points!!
unless you work on that!
I am poor...I forget and end up breaking all rules..

soorya said...

Thank u :)

Rams said...

Bullet points seriously looks good on ur blog... All de best on striking a perfect 9 this 2011...

SherilinR said...

thank you for coming over & following my blog! you are my blessed 100th & i appreciate it!

good luck with your changes. i think cry less sounds like a good one. i'm sorry you're so sad!