Monday, March 28, 2011

sainaba's story..

Abdu had taken to weeds,.No, he was not a gardener, by profesion he was a butcher. He had a small shack which he used as his slaughter house,but now stray dogs sleep there.. He had found a new dealer, who sold grinded poppy leaves. After all poppy was abundant in Kabul. Its not like abdu was a gentlemen before the dealer came to town. His wife had taken to begging two years back itself. Their five kids included four girls. The eldest one was the most beautiful. The only one who had studied till fourth grade. She was sixteen now. Abdu cared only for her in the whole world.

One day the drug dealer stopped coming to his usual tea shop.The villagers thought Abdu had gone mad. He bet his wife uncontrollably. He threw all the pots and dishes outside. He thrashed the youngest one, the boy. He never hit his girls. He threw a big tantrum, he wept, he bit himself. After all this noise,when he was lying outside his hut his wife came out and told him, his eldest daughter had eloped. Sainaba had eloped with the drug dealer.

This news had a profound impact on abdu. He wept inconsolably.

He went to his shop , cleaned it, cut open his only remaining goat. He did not return home for two days. He worked in the carpenters shop for extra few shillings. He avoided speaking to everybody. The fifth day sainaba returned, with bruises and burns all over her body. Her long tresses now looked like a hen’s feathers. But she went missing again the next day. The villagers didn’t know what had happened to her. They also didn’t know that some among them had eaten a part of her for dinner. But abdu’s wife knew everything because among the left over meat in the shop, which abdu had bought home for the youngest boy was a small ear-ring which she recognized.


Rams said...

The Story is Gruesome!! By chance u watched movies like Hannibal/Naan Kadavul or what… Anywayz this would make a good tamil movie script as it matches its current trend..

soorya said...

recently i read a true life story in readers digest about a 9 year old girl in an arab country. she had to run away from her home to file a divorce.
she was forcefully married to a 40 year old drunkard becos her father couldnt feed her :(

i got inspired from this and made up a story myself.

Hari said...

Loved it! Short and sweet; nice and abrupt ending. I would love to read more of these!

Hari said...

Are there more in the pipeline :)

Sriram said...

Back on ur blog after a long time! :D And boy oh boy what a gruesome welcome :P

PS: Kinda feel "some among them had eaten a part of her for dinner" spoils the impact of the last line, maybe it could be put off till the end :)

soorya said...

@hari..: i know u would like this ;)
infact i feel i got to write this after reading all your sad stories :D

@sriram: humbly trying to match up to you. but a long way to go still.. :)

Hari said...

I would take that as a compliment :)

Hari said...
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Hari said...

And one humble suggestion I would have would be to skim those words. Write once and remove as much of it that you can afford to keeping the idea intact. Having said that, no
point in cutting everything -
Quoting from a blog 'There is a fine line between feeling like pondering and feeling like what-the-hell-happened.'

Keep them coming :) Short and Sweet!

soorya said...

short and sweet. ok. done. i will try my level best :)