Monday, January 17, 2011

Hope she doesnt feel any pain...

I sat there waiting, for my kid to return.

Tears filled my eyes.

Was it from staring at the empty swing or

Is it from the void forming inside my heart

There she comes, all happy and joyous..

What do I tell do I stop her from going to the neighbors’ home

I just want to scream out loud holding her tight

How do I tell her that her dad is gone

That she will have to colour all alone again

My hand shivers and trembles

A lump blocks my throat

She runs as she sees me putting her fragile hand acroos my shoulder

She kisses me on my cheeks, the baby smell still lingers on her breath

“mamma “ she cries “im hungry”

I had already prepared it, kept it ready

We would eat from the same plate, as always

But today I will have only one mouth to feed

I take her inside in my arms

I notice only today that she has become heavy,she is growing fast

I put her on the bed. She asks

“why on the bed mamma, we usually eat on the chair”

I replied. It was easy for us to lie down after dinner.

She said she wanted to play snake and ladder after

But there wont be any time left to play

I don’t know how long we will be awake

Many thoughts fly past my mind when I feed her

The day she was born, he was standing there holding her

Beside me when I opened my eyes.

I had feared that day,. Life cannot be so perfect

I feel she is drifting away or is it me

All I can feel now is her hand on my cheeks…

Even on the last moment I pray

Hope she doesn’t feel any pain.


Krish said...

Eventhough the poem is sooo good, it leaves my heart feel soo heavy. I did not dare to read the lines again.. :(

sagarika said...

The poem is good , but soulfull though , left me with moist eyes .
Perfect melancholic one .

Dew Drop said...

good one.. once you attain Motherhood, review these lines, you might end up making it still heavy with emotions :)

Rams said...

Seriously Awesome one... well scripted n totally on emotions.. Great one...:)

Sudha Naik said...

The poem is good .. But why writing such sad lines :(