Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Annie in black and ridhima in red :)

Me in the dark :(

So going out with friends can after all be fun. I had a superb Sunday with my roomies.

I am not known to have a cordial relation with my roommates, yes i am a saddist. Sigh!

But hey its no fault of mine. They should know the rules of sharing a room.

This time its different, I can say I have shedded of my childish immaturity a bit and made myself an affable roommate. (eyes blinking!) .So my roommate ridhima (who has become a dear friend in a short time) got engaged and it was her treat. We (that includes me,ridhima and anie) had planned our outing on Saturday but for these stupid morons called politicians, it was called off (it was a bandh ).

Sunday was a sunny bright day suited for a pleasant outing. First we went of to see a film in a multiplex. How did that cinema get into the category of multiplex is still a puzzle for me. Our poor theatres in kerala has a much better standard than that garbage strewn place. The film was like a sambar gone sour ( for those wondering, sambar is a south Indian dish) . But it was ages that I saw a film, so sat through the entire thing munching tiger biscuits. Yes you read it right, tiger biscuits indeed!! Ridhima had a packet in her handbag, and morever popcorns a pack costs 100rs. So after the film we went to a restaurant called Golconda chimney for lunch. I had mutton mughlai and steamed rice. Hmmm it was so yummy! (The photos are from there. ) eventhough the taste was superb food was served cold(pun intended!) .Ridhima even asked the server whether their oven was out of order. He stood their blinking his eyes not knowing what to say. After filling our stomachs to a point where it will burst, we started our journey for the most exciting event of the day, shoppingggggggggg.............

There was sale everywhere and it was a mad rush. We bought few things and returned at night. It didn’t get over there, we had a fashion show inside the room. It was fun to laugh and to be like a kid again :)


Harman said...

nic..u had some gud tyme!

Krish said...


Rams said...

Made proper use of an Holiday.. Enjoy every time... :)

viSHwAmiTHraN said...

is ur oven out of order?? wowowow! but remember th chefs normally do ol those dirty things to the food served to these kinda of so called impolite guests!! :O

Navaneeth Sen said...

dee.. is that ridhima??