Thursday, January 6, 2011

'A walk to remember'

Yesterday while returning from office me and my friend decided to go for a walk. It’s a quite residential complex, where we stay as paying guests. There is a playground ,a park, some very beautiful houses with beautiful gardens. While we got tired of the leisurely walk, we decided to sit and pass away our time in one of the parks. This park doesn’t have much of plants or floweres, just some swings and such for children below 6 years. But ladies and gents come there very often for exercise and walk. It’s a pleasant feeling to sit there. It was 6 30 in the evening and due to the winter season it was pitch dark already. There were some old couples seated on the benches. So we also sat down on a bench. Started talking, moving from one silly subject to another. You know the way gals talk.:P

So after some 15 mins, one couple passed by us. The lady was carrying a handbag and the guy a laptop bag. It looked like they had returned from office for some quite romance. But after what seemed like one whole round of the park, they were crossing our place again. This repeated again. The third time they went past a few steps, came back to us asked “do u know how to unlock the gates”. Oh my god, I shouted out “ did they lock us inside and leave?” My friend and I panicked as if we were about to starve and die inside that park for the rest of our lives. As we started to make sure that we indeed were locked in, the couple went in the opposite direction telling themselves that the only way was to jump the fence. “WHAT!! Jump the fence eh? Damn, im wearing a salwar. Leave that, the fence was atleast 12 feet high and made of metal wires” Oh god I felt like my head was rolling. But surprisingly my friend was calm. She was wearing jeans and jumping a fence seemed to be a silly thing for her. She tells me later that as a child she never used the gate of her home, she used to jump the wall to get out !! 

So we checked , we double checked and triple checkd. The gate was certainly locked.

We turned to see what the other inmates were doing, the gal had already landed on the other side of the gate and the guy was preparing for the jump. We gathered our guts, looked around to make sure nobody was watching, and climbed on the wired fence. I still cannot believe we had to do this. Anyway it was an experience that wont be forgotten!!


Rams said...

U Jumped the gate... Seems you are the talent India requires for olympics "Rio2016"... :) :)... Awesome experience to be locked inside a park n breaking out of it!! Enjoy....:) :)

Harman said...

life is full of surprises and some wonderful thrills..
enjoy will remember this later in life..

jaypee said...

thts a good read, sun..