Thursday, April 28, 2011

the monster

She dreamed the devil again that day. Its big fire spitting tongue curling around her waist.

It was more fiercful on the first day which was about a month ago. These days it seemed to fancy her. Its claws were like those of the lobsters, the big ones. The monster clawed on her arms, but its face showed a different emotion today. It didn’t want to hurt her . she felt it was saying “ there is no other way darling, I want to feel you, I need to know you, im sorry”.. Its grip around her waist loosened. It was coming towards her face.. the heat was unbearable and she awoke screaming , sweating..
The whole day she thought only about the monster, maybe it was not as cruel as she thought, maybe it didn’t intend to hurt her, maybe once she kisses it , it may turn into a prince.
She went to sleep hoping for the dream to return. That was unusual she thought. She was in love with the monster. The same visuals returned. But tonite she waited for its tongue to approach her face. She was determined to sleep through the unbearable heat.

The next day they found her dead covered in her sweat and blood.


Hari said...

:) Nice!

Rams said...

Dark... Why is it most of the time the character in your tale ends up dead, that too in a bad state!!! Hope Some character that u depict would see the light someday.. :P :P :P

soorya said...

he he :)