Thursday, February 3, 2011

The only important news that has cought my attention this week is , no not the Raja of corruption, but it’s Monalisa. She has been in news for all the wrong reasons. A new set of researchers has claimed to have found out the secrets behind Monalisa and her intriguing smile. For those ignorant there has been many theories running around on who was the actual monalisa, some say

1. davinci did a self portrait (he wanted to see himself as a female or what!!)
2. it was his secret lover , wife of a wealthy merchant

3. his own mother

4. just a model and etc etc..

But the new news is that monalsia was the gay lover of the painter . Duh!!!!
There falls the admiration :(  Arent these people annoying, why would they want to drop something out like this. Now everyone seems to be gay. Ya seriously, I was sort of ready to die for ricky martin, and then one fine morning he declares that he likes only men. And I’m almost sure that Karan Johar who has made immemorable romantic movies is one among them. Lets come back to our dear monalisa who is been sittng there with folded hands and a sly smile which says get the hell out of my sight u morons ,don’t you have any important work to do, go save the planet

So who is the dude , lucky one eh?

The head of the research team Mr.Vinceti says he is Gian Giacomo Caprotti -- aka Salai -- an apprentice and a longtime companion of Leonardo's. Caprotti worked with Leonardo for more than two decades starting in 1490.

I have nothing more to say. His life , his choice.   : |
Now you got what that enigmatic smile means right? :)


Rams said...
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Rams said...

Ha ha... Nice One.. So u too Read the worthless B'lore Mirror everyday... Seriously Gross on the research part.. So here goes the advent of enigmatic smile... :|....:) :)

soorya said...

ya, a worthyless paper if i may say, they just print out some film gossips and useless things like this

Harman said...

its,,hilarious..the picha itself!

Jithin S Mankad said...

u really care to read thru those craps coming in newspaper? naa naa..
Keep writn..