Friday, January 14, 2011

Dolly and me :))

Yesterday we went to visit my colleagues newly born baby. Newly born in the sense, she is at least 6 months old. My colleague was in her native for delivery,mangalore and then she went to her husbands house at Hyderabad and now atlast settled back to her home in Bangalore. The house was on the first floor of a three floor building. Pretty small but as soon as u enter the drawing room you can feel the warmth of the home inviting u. I hav not been to my home for 2 months now and I was feeling homesick. Eventhough the house was pretty small it was very cosy and neat. Her name is Madavi, my colleague, but she has been more than my friend. She was sort of an elder sister to us gals (freshers) at office. Her daughter is named dhrithi. Name as beautiful as the baby. Dhrithi looks exactly like a doll and we named her dolly :P Seeing so many people at once, she looked stunned, moving her gaze in a slow motion from one person to another. She seemed hapy only when the shutterbags were clicking.

We totally didn’t expect madavi to prepare dinner for us ,with a baby around you will be on ur toes’. We played with dhrithi, ate a superb homemade pulav and curd rice. I was more overwhelmed when she bought in a rasagullah pack. She had remembered that I loved those and took extra effort to order it from the same shop where I like it. As we left the house at 9.00 pm , our hearts were filled with a joy that could not be explained in words. Seeing a baby so small and feeble and being in the warmth of a nicely made home, we were clearly excited. Nobody uttered a word on the way back home. Because everybody was thinking the same, about their home and knew that wherever we go and whatever change,.getting back to our own home after a hard days work cannot be replaced with anything.


Harman said...

oh my God!!she looks like a real Doll!!!I was first taken aback its a kid or a doll ,prefect doll features,cute tiny nose and expression so cute!
God bless her and keep away all evil eyes from this Doll
She is super ,duper cute kid!

sruthy said...

aawwwwww...really really a cutie pie....:)

dai, rand masam aayille, veetillottu varunnille????:P:P:P

soorya said...

podeyyyyyy :))

raj said...