Saturday, May 30, 2015

"All the worlds a stage" - indeed
Did the great poet think
that one day the drama in our lives
would outshine the stage?

some people live for love
while others die without it
a void remains where love once stood
and hatred now walks around it

try, try and save the world
see the glum in our eyes
look at the hatred we are brewing
realise the happiness we can share!!

i will smother thee with kisses
run my hand behind ur neck
that soft spot behind ur ear
oh, so tender..

you need to close your eyes though
i am seemingly shy,
a little bothered

all the love in the world
and all the worlds sugarlumps
rests in your lips, those soft blossoms

touch me here and touch me there
but not where the tickles would tremble me :)

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