Wednesday, September 9, 2009

scare flu??

we keep getting forwarded mails at office.some rubbish but most ,informative.recently i got one about swine flu.its was not the regular one about the precautions and the safety fact it was a totally different one without the scary undernotes.even the beginning started unusually declaring that this forwarded mail is unedited and unverified by the sender.this in itself provoked me to read furter.after the usual introductions about the orgin and cause of this much hyped disease ,it went about like this...
that about 136 people have only died in the past year and a half from this disease worldwide.the particular virus that causes this flu can only survive at a temperature of 27 degrees or came as a surprise to me because pune's temperature at the peak of the disease scare was 33 degrees and higher.and from all the news channels and mails and hoardings, i had a feeling that atleast 100 people would have died in india fact most of the people who had died had other serious ailments before they caught the flu.the mail went on to say that the vaccines for the swine flu is patented by an US company and the stocks of the vaccines would get expired by next year.for a person the vaccine would cost 3000 what should we infer from all the scare that have been created in india..?it would all be explained by the profits that the vested interests would be making in the near future.

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