Monday, July 13, 2015

the workforce

The success of a corporate company is defined by its product and its people. Some may argue that products are the sole factor defining a company’s success.That maybe true, but the force behind these products are the people. If the workforce is happy, products turn out great. Almost every MNC’s have a dedicated branch just to keep their employees happy, to make their every working day happening, like our EMC’s epic days.

Every individual employee has his/her aspirations. This aspirations and the company’s goal run parallelly. Every management believes that when individuals grow, companies prosper too.
But in my opinion, the focus is on the wrong place. We should concentrate on groups or the workforce rather than individuals. We should nurture the culture of working in harmony with our peers. Only if we work in groups can we achieve sustained prosperity. Each individual goals should also include their peer groups goals too.  Most of the premier MBA colleges give only group assignments and not individual ones. Only through cohesion we gain enough friction to walk the slippery road.

A Simon Sinek says , if we can trust our coleagues and we have the belief that they will pick us up when we fall, we will dare to take bold steps, be more innovative and creative at work 

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