Monday, July 11, 2011

On a summer dusk...

 Long long ago on a summer dusk
I woke up to a feeling that
I now know is love.

Whats that feeling I had thought
Is it nausea or sleeplessness or a hunger problem
It had sent my pulses high and sweat was dripping down my brows
I asked my maids, whats this all about
They laughed at my silliness and went about their way

Then I saw him at the far end of the garden
I had my pulses high again
I knew then I had lost my heart
To that hazel eyes vying me
 like arrows , Piercing right through my soul
his long tresses and the curls had me winded

it’s a wonderous joy when you discover
that sweet surrender to your lover
Oh yes, its kinda love.
We played among the flowers and the fields
Swans were our company ,it all felt right

But time had come for him to leave
It was time for the harvest again,
Though it pained him, he had to go
But he promised with all his heart.
He would be back to ask for my hand
I lie here staring into empy space
Waiting for him with honour


Sriram said...
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Sriram said...

This is pretty cute, reading it from the girl's point of view :)

Ahem. Just a few months left for the wedding, it shows :P

soorya said...

thanks ... (blushing) :P